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Thursday, Mar 1 2012

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It has been a crazy work week and home life. I am a little overwhelmed with it all honestly. I am just trying to take things one at a time to get everything done.

Last week my weight popped back up to 222 then 223 and then 224. yesterday it was back down to 222.5. I did not eat differently than any of the last 2 weeks where I had decent loses. I was a little disappointed about this BUT I have just been feeling so good physically - my running is awesome and my PT workouts are going great to. I feel so strong and my body feels tighter. This morning I had to run 6 miles and it felt great. I barely felt like I ran this morniing. So I have to keep this in mind so I just don't punt everything.

I had my weekly communication with the Nutritionist. She gave me some great feedback on my food logs. I do have a crazy sweet tooth that I am trying to tame. Emily know I have emotional eating issues so she does not want to take away anything but she gave me great swap ideas it I wanted to eat a sweet. She says my carbs are way to high and if you have more carbs then your body retains water, especially with all the running, I am retaining even more water. So if I have something sweet I have to swap out a carb for something else. Instead of bread and almond butter I should do a banana and almond butter OR instead of a sandwhich have salad with protein. It is simple I know but all the details of the nutrients really overwhelms me. So this is something simple I can focus on this week.

My husband says he is ready to focus on his health again. He finally has a good handle on working the 2 jobs and feels he can take the time to focus on what he eats. Although this morning is started out with bacon? That is another issue....

He has a second interview on friday. It is nice when he starts having interviews but it is stressful at the same time because you just get so hopeful. We are handling his work situation very well. We repect each other - I respect he is working so many hours to help with the finances and he respects that I basically take care of everything else so when he is home we can have quality family time.

I guess I need to stop typing and get back to work.......

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6 years ago

Stress can hold on to weight. I hope things calm down for ya...
Sweet tooth here too... sometimes I need to be reminded on better sweet options... Hope you find some good swaps!