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Monday, Mar 26 2012

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Was able to keep those 2 pounds off that I gained during the St. Pats weekend! Now to stay out of the 220s forever! Back to 219.

I took Friday off to spend the day with my daughters. Took them to the Hunger Games movies and they hung out with friends.

This past weekend was the last of the crazy miles for the 1/2 coming up April 15th. Saturday was 6 miles and then Sunday was 12 miles. Felt good on both runs. The next 2 weekends my longest run will be 9 miles. Next weekend I run 8 miles on Saturday and then only 6 on Sunday but I have to run it at a half marathon training pace. I guess he wants me to run faster on tired legs. It should be challenging but I am excited for the lower miles. My running coach thinks I am in good shape for the 2:20 goal if the weather does not get too hot.

My husband is losing a little bit of weight. He is showing more interest in eating healther and I can tell that his has trimmed up. He is working so many hours right now he cannot exercise that much but I am glad to see that nutrition is becoming important. He said he feels so much better. He looks much happier too.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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6 years ago

your doing awesome!! :rock1::rock1:
when i was doing alot of running it seemed once i got passed 8 miles my body seem to just go on autopilot and it's all in your mind..till mile 22 always the hardest mile for me! good luck on the 15th!2:20 is so doable!




6 years ago

Great news! I know you can make your goal time too, that is awesome. And woohoo, out of the 20s FOREVER. Never going back. You got it!!




6 years ago

So happy your hubby is in a good place!
those 2 pounds better not show up again :)




6 years ago

good for you for setting a good example!!