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Tuesday, Apr 3 2012

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Weight this morning was 219.5. Down .25 for the week but I will take it. It has been a very overwhelming week.

I had one really horrible day last week eating wise. It was crazy busy at work again and someone brought in donuts. Avoided them until 11am (hoping they would go away) and then ate 4 of them. Even tried to eat one nice an slow. So I just said I need a break from this (actually I said F*** it.)and just allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. This included going to Lion’s Choice and getting a large roast beef and fries. Have to admit it ALL tasted great and I felt good after.

I spent the next few days after that regaining control again and I did OK. So I was super happy with the tiny loss.

It was a very nice running weekend for me mileage wise. Only had to run 8 miles on Saturday and 6 miles (tempo run) on Sunday. The half marathon is in 12 days! Only thing I am worried about it was 90 degrees on Sunday and yesterday. I really would like to see a cold spell come through the middle of next week!!!

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6 years ago

Way to go for not beating yourself up for a slip up and just carrying on like normal the next few days. Slip ups happen and I think it's important not to dwell on them. How exciting and your half! Hope you get some cool weather =)




6 years ago

That was totally me last Saturday! I think we get into trouble because we try to restrict too much on the long run days and the day after when our bodies need the calories the most and then on normal days we want to eat the entire building. Or maybe that's just my issue. =D My RD told me that the key is to get enough fuel back into your system on the long run days so that your body doesn't freak out later and to eat normal on the regular days. I found that worked (mostly) for the 1/2 marathon training but was not workable for me during the full marathon training - I was just thrilled I maintained during all that!

Hang in there and keep going!!!




6 years ago

Damn those donuts. Someone brought them to an all day meeting last friday and I caved. It was the first donut I've had in probably 2 years. It was sugary and puffy and altogether delicious. I don't regret it either.




6 years ago

Not to shabby of a week, so you had one free for all day. It's ok and you still loss. So you are doing something right. Gained control again and fast, thats wondeful.
12 days woo hoo...




6 years ago

sometimes don't you think that when your body is...missing something (like iron they say your body craves chocolate and meat) maybe your body need the calories at that moment???:huh:

your metabolism is working great if you should a loss!!!
good job!:love:
i hole the overwhelming part goes away for you :kiss: