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Wednesday, May 23 2012

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Well. Yesterday was a going great until I got confirmation from our new a** hole CEO he is eliminating our ENTIRE art department. That is 4 people. Of course he is keeping the gal he hired 3 months ago to coordinate all the artwork (even though he is not sure if she has the right experience). I have worked with these 4 people for 5+ years. I have been with this this company working on 12 years now. He is getting rid of all the old. He says the Project Managers (I am a PM) and the IT staff are safe but how can you trust him.

So last night totall binged on cookies (don't even know how many) and almost a half gallon of ice cream. The one thing I learned from did not help at all. Sometimes it feels great to eat crap for the 5 minutes you are doing it. This time it did not feel good eating it, it didn't stop me but maybe next time when I am so crazy stressed i will not turn to food.

My emotions are raw right now. I am just going to drink water and get my resume together. This is going to be a horrible week. My CEO told me this was his plan, I was hoping it would not happen. I have had to work these great people knowing they are getting let go this Friday. YUCK!!!!!

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6 years ago

Hang in there girl. I've got my fingers crossed for you and your mad PM skills. Don't sweat the binge - just move on and you will be fine. :kiss:




6 years ago

Be careful my friend about posting comments like this. Hope I'm wrong on this, but I have heard of several firings due to negative posts on the Internet in re. to one's company or colleagues. Just don't want to see you go down that road.




6 years ago

This guy sounds like a total ass. I'm sorry you have to deal with this =(




6 years ago

that is scary!! I can't blame you for not trusting him.

You are doing the only thing you can do. Just do what you can to protect yourself and move forward.