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Wednesday, May 30 2012

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OK. My goals this week are to blog daily and log all my food again. Goal 1 will be accomplished soon and yesterday I logged everything and was just under 2,000 calories. I really tried to listen to my body if it was hungry. I was over calories but aomost all nutrients were in check! Sodium was just a smidge over. Felt good to have that control! I enjoyed my exercise rest day.

When I finally got done running the girls around last night I started cleaning the house....really cleaning not just picking things up. It felt so good to do this. The past couple of months the house has become a horrible mess. Since Jason is working crazy hours I am trying to delegate the chores out to my daughters so I am not doing everything by myself. My oldest will sometimes clean without a list but not often. So I actually have to remember to create a chore list for the day to get help from the girls. My goal is to work on the house everyday so I don't have to work so hard over the weekend. This kind of goes with my weight loss goals too. You have to pay attention everyday so things don't get out of control.

Yesterday we had several meetings how to deal with the loss of our art department. I am in solution focus mode. I cannot change what happened. I got an email from the CEO thanking me for pulling everyone together. At least he sees my work as positive so I won't be next on the chopping block.

Off to getting a lot of little things done today that will add up to be big things!

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6 years ago

I love your quote, "You have to pay attention everyday so things don't get out of control". Amen, sister! I need to read and heed. It's applicable to almost every facet of life...




6 years ago

I always love the feeling after I really cleaned the house. Then 20 min later you can't tell. lol...