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Friday, Jun 22 2012

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The scale was steady the past 2 days at 224.5. I will take that. This morning it was 223.25 BUT since after lunch yesterday I have only had sugar free Jello, Popsicles and water to prepare for the body scan today. Breakfast this morning Jello and lots of water.

Doing this diet for the test is really showing me that I really have impulsive eating habits. If I go to the kitchen to get water I get an urge to just pop something into my mouth. Because of the test I CAN'T have any foods so I walk away. I am sure this impulsive eating is getting in the way of losing these last 40 pounds. I will definately bring this up on Tuesday when I meet with the nutritionist.

Finally I have a weekend where I am not working or have a million things planned. There is nothing scheduled to do on Saturday or Sunday! That is such a great feeling.

Saturday I am going to do a boot camp class and Sunday I have a 12 mile run. It is going to be a hot one for us this weekend. Right now they say it is going to be in the mid 90s on Sunday. I will be getting up super early to beat the heat!

Hopefully I will be motivated to get the house organized.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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4 comments so far.


5 years ago

Way to go girlie! I hope your test goes well.




5 years ago

you are doing so well! i'm in awe of your strength!!




5 years ago

I will say it again, after a run like that I would need a half day nap :) You're awesome!

Have a fantastic weekend.




5 years ago

:rock1: for a free weekend!!

I saw triple digits on our weather map this morning. Be careful out there, hydrate well!!