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Tuesday, Jul 3 2012

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It has been an up and down past week. The good news is I am at 225.5! I was 228 last week. The goal is for another loss, any loss 2 weeks in a row. that has not happened in a long time.

Thursday was a bad day overall. The day started out with good intentions but I just crumbled eating wise in the evening. I took a half day off and ate leftovers for lunch BUT I was still so hungry and had a second serving of the chili mac…I just felt so hungry and ended up eating a McDonalds ice cream cone, 3 pieces of pizza, 3 musketeers bar and more that I cannot remember…..

On Friday my 15 year old car finally decided to completely die on my way to work. We had to make a quick decision fix our car or buy a new one. Luckily my husband’s brother owns a used car lot. We had to grab a quick lunch and ended up at wendys, So I decided to eat what a wanted instead of being disappointed about trying to eat healthy at a fast food place and feel like I wasted calories. Wow….logging after…crazy calories! crazy sodium! Then in the evening my daughters wanted to go to Dairy queen and I should have skipped the meal and wait until I got home but didn’t….. the only good thing is that I did not snack at all.

On Satruday I now know why I went a little crazy with food the past couple of days….. I started my period. Today was the 10K….it was so hot. I passed by a time and temp sign around 7:30am and it said 86 degrees. My time was 1:06:56 (my best 10k was 1:04:35 and the goal was 62 minutes but I knew that would not happen). I went ahead and walked some of the hills and I think it helped not totally blow the race. I was pretty happy how I handled it. July 4th is the 5K….we will see.

And OMG! Smoothie King. They offered it after the race and it tasted sooo good after that hot race. Now I knew that smoothie king was high sugar/carbs but I did not realize THAT much! I removed it from the log to see how the nutritional information would look and my levels are just a little high NOT crazy high.

Sunday and Monday were very good eating days. I feel really good how I handled the days and allowed myself to feel hunger before running to food.

The week was not perfect by any means BUT what I am really happy about how I handled things. I had a very bad day but I did not let it give me an excuse to blow the entire week. I kept fighting all week, I never gave up. I journaled my feelings throught the week so I could give the nutritionist feedback on why I made the food decisions I did and I think taking that time everyday to reflect really helped me keep focus.

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5 years ago

And good luck on your race today!




5 years ago

That is awesome! You lost 2.5 pounds too! Way to go. I used to not log on days I knew I blew it because I thought to myself " I know it was bad what is the point?". The point is exactly what you pointed out... Not just calories, but sodium, sugars, everything. It's so important to take a hard look at that stuff. You are doing great and will get to your goal!




5 years ago

sorry about your cat. I know that is hard.

Hang in there, sounds like you had a really rough week. And despite the eating you weight is going down so you are doing something right.