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Wednesday, Aug 1 2012

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Just wanted to let you know how the speed work 5k time trial went.

30:35 PR! (on the track), my previous best was 30:53 (a road race) ANDi t was 95 degrees out last night!!!!!

I could not have done it without Tim and another running friend. Tim coached us the entire time letting us know if we were going to fast or too slow each lap. I was pacing with another gal who is a little faster than me. Tim wanted me to pace with her, she tends to go out a little too fast and fade out at the end and I am more careful about not going too fast.

I have to tell you I did not have the most positive thoughts going into it and during. Typically Tim times a faster group and he came up to me and said "I am coaching you and Meghan the entire race, only you two." I was worried about the heat, nervous to be coached like that on the track, didn’t want to disappoint myself, Meghan or Tim. I got so nervous right before the race.

It was a tough run and during it I truly thought I could not keep up the pace the entire time. After the first 2 laps i thought there is no way I can keep this up. Meghan was in front of me and I was right behind her. I just kept following her. Finally 1 mile went by, I still thought there is no way I can keep this up but I did not want to give was mostly because I did not want to fail in front of Meghan and Tim. After 2 miles past there was maybe a little bit of hope. At the end Tim was telling us to pick it up and drive with our arms the last 2 laps. I told Meghan to go and not worry about me if she felt good. I ended up being 25 seconds or so behind her.

At the end Tims says "Welcome to Speed Work". I said that was hard! He says "it is supposed to be hard"

Today I feel so good about it and I want to tell everyone!!! But not everyone understands this running thing.

It is silly, as I watch the Olympics I feel like I can understand just a tiny ounce of what they go through. I kept tearing up last night watching the Olympics prouf of them and me!!

Our speed work t-shirt this year says "I Conquered the 6 Lanes of Pain" :)

And I LOVE the scale after speed work. 223 this morning (it is not fat, I know, but nice to see that number again!). If I can keep that loss until next Tuesday that would be awesome!

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5 years ago

Great job!



5 years ago

Ooohhhh I'm so jealous. I had decided to train for a 5K and one week into it discovered that I have a narrowing in my leg artery so that is the end of running. I'm glad I can do other high intensity work at the gym - just no leg pounding.

My daughter is training for a full marathon so I'm envious of the "high" people get running. Good for you and keep up the good work.




5 years ago





5 years ago

Fantastic time! And woohoo on the sclae ;)




5 years ago

Amazing job woman!!!!! Way to tame that 5k and make it your own!. :clap:




5 years ago

:rock1: That is amazing!! I know I tell you this all the time but I am so jealous of your running coach!

You might see me on TLC my strange addiction. I am starting to webmd diagnosis myself with all kinds of weird and exotic conditions that can cause salt cravings.




5 years ago

Congratulations! :clap: Yes, I get it a little bit. Awesome work, Lisa! :thumbu2: You earned your place on the podium! ;)