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Tuesday, Aug 14 2012

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It has been a while for me on the blog front. Overall things are OK. Last week I was up a pound 226 and this week I got back down to 225 on my official weigh in day (today). Of Course I saw 223.5 on Monday arrrgh....

Even though you cannot tell by my weigh loss I have been very focused. I have been working super hard on my nutrition. I am still working with the nutrionist. It is good because she is calling me out some sabbatoging food choices and behaviors. She had changed up my calories to only eat back exercise calories on long run days. I have to tell you I am pretty hungry all day all other days. I give her detailed feedback on how I felt each day so we will see what we might change up this week. I thought I had a pretty good week, except for 1 evening.

I guess the important thing is my running and workouts are still going very well. I had a 13 mile long run this past weekend on a trail and did fine. I am getting stronger in the bootcamp classs and in my personal training at least I am seeing some progress there. In 2 weeks I will be doing a 5K and hopefully I will get right under 30 minutes. The weather has been great here lately!!

One thing that has really helped me and it was a recommendation right before our group run is to put up a visual reminder of your goal to help keep you focused. So I put fup the following sign at my desk, my frig and pantry door. It really does help to have this visual!

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5 years ago

Isn't it frustrating when your body doesn't cooperate on your official weigh in day? The good news is that it all evens out in the end. Sounds like your training is going well. Keep up the strong work!

by CATE533



5 years ago

You are doing a great job and the pounds will come eventually. I know you will be under 30 for your 5k!




5 years ago

I like the reminder. You sound like you are doing everything you need to do - it's a process and you will get there I have no doubt. :thumbu2:




5 years ago

HIYA! Glad you are still doing well with the nutrionist... Thank you for your note. Yup things are still crazy... But I am pluggin' along....
The visual is a great one!!!!




5 years ago

Cowbell half marathon sounds like a blast!!




5 years ago

Visual reminders are great!!
the last 2 years before i bought my house i
had a picture of ruby slippers on my desk
all she had to do was click her heels and she'd be
long run days, its hard not to eat everything in site!
your doing all the right things for a 5k/under30':y::y::y: