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Monday, Sep 10 2012

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Hello Blog. Can I tell you how much I LOVE Fall weather. We had the best weather in St. Louis this weekend. Cool Crisp air, open is the best.

I finally broke 30 minutes on a 5K!!! 29:55 gun time. There was not chip time at this race but my garmin said 29:46.13 (and it always accurate with chips times). There were also 2 significant hills. Our running coach says you need to adjust your stride to increase or decrease you pace. I did this on the hills and it really help me run the hills at a faster pace then I normally would. All this training is paying off and of course the great Fall weather!

Also, I am finally feeling more comfortable with how much I can push myself. My PT has changed the workouts and sometimes I get scared that I cannot do the workouts but with his encouragement I end up doing it and then feel great AFTER. It really has helped me understand the Biggest Loser Philosophy, you can push yourself more than you think you can. I am lucky to have a trainer who is doing this with me and a running coach as well.

Yesterady was our training team. It was a 10 mile run and the weather was so awesome I felt like I could have run 5 more miles easily. I am really enjoying being a pace coach for the training team. The gals that are in my group are so sweet. One person even said "I want to be like you." I think to myself really? You don't know how much I struggle in my head, not so much with running or exercising but the nutrition.

But I did feel good because there were 3 women who want to run 10 miles but were nervous to do so. They did it and did a great job and thanked me for the encouragement and said they probably would not have done it without the group. I was so happy I could help someone accomplish their goals! Everytime they would think negatively I would tell them to think positively and not get into their head that they cannot do it.

On the eating front I still hoover around 224 and 225. When I start putting a lot of "restrictions" on myself I start to panic a little. It is crazy I know. And by restrictions I am just talking about only allowing myself a sweet treat 4 times per week, for some reason that made panic. So I am just going to have to approach the eating thing differently. I am going to focus more on keep the nutrients in a certain range (that my nutritionist gave me) and not tell myself I cannot have anything. Hopefully this Psychology will help me.

I have to tell you I really needed that PR, it really help me feel like all of this hard work is paying off. Just think, just 10 pounds would help me run even better. I will get there and I am not going to give up.

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5 years ago

Totally wow-some! :teeth1::thumbu2::thumbu2::thumbu2::thumbu2:




5 years ago

Way to rock the sub 30 woman! You are my hero!!!! Hope to follow you there soon. :smile1:




5 years ago

Way to go!! Under 30, how awesome!!




5 years ago

sub 30 is amazing!! You continue to be my carrot that I will never come close to catching!! You motivate the heck out of me!!




5 years ago


running is fall weather is so nice!!!

hard work always pays off :y:




5 years ago

I bet you are a fantastic pace coach! Those ladies are lucky to have you.