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Friday, Sep 21 2012

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The past 2 days the scale read 223. I know the scale should not make me happy like that but is is nice to see a drop and have it stick around for more than a day:). If it could stay that until next Tuesday I will be very happy.

This weekend is going to be a busy weekend. My daughter Clara is in the Marching Band. They have a football game tonight. Oh, it is perfect football weather in Missouri. It is going to be low 70s today, so tonight it will be nice, cool and crisp! Tomorrow she has her first Marching Band competition. It will be an all day thing. I was in the Marching Band when I was in high school so I am really looking forward to seeing all the bands.

I am proud of Clara. In the spring we did that biggest loser program at our community center and she was 216. She has been so busy in high school and marching band and I have noticed that she is just not eating as much. She told me the other day that she was 208 and was very happy about that. I told her she was doing it perfectly, nice and slow. I sure wish I would have been able to do it that way when I was in high school. I was always on a diet and wanted to lose it fast.......that did not work out so well. I am so glad she has been able to learn from my past experiences and not repeat my dieting mistakes. I am so happy with the relationship I have with my daughters!

Sunday is the last super long run before the half marathon! 13 miles and again we are going to have the best weather for running.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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5 years ago





5 years ago

You are a great example for her.

Glad the weather there is perfect. Can't wait for it to move over our way a bit.




5 years ago

:clap: Awesome! You and Clara! Enjoy your weekend!




5 years ago

It's so great that you are setting such a good example for Clara. Great job on the scale too - keep up the great work lady! :smile1:




5 years ago

It's is so nice to have that kind of relationship with your kids...
Mitch even at 23 tells me everything, and likes talking with me...
after he broke up with his girl friend he gained 25 pounds,
we've been helping each other although i've only lost 10
he's down 35!!!!:y: relax with the scale take your measurements and look at your PR's.. that's good to feel just as good as the scale ? right? :kiss:




5 years ago

Yeah for Clara... That is awesome!!!!
I love the Fall.... This time of the year I want to be outside... I hope that helps me get back in the game....
I did lose 2 lbs this week... Lets hope it stays away....