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Monday, Nov 5 2012

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Weight is not good at all 232!!! Highest I have been in a long time. Funny, running is still going great and I just don't feel that big.

I am not going to make any big statements about losing a certain amount of weight by a certain amount of time. I will only end up disappointing myself. Right now I can only focus on each day. My goal each day right now will be to log everything that goes into my mouth and weight every morning.

This weekend was busy. We had Elizabeth's 11th birthday party. She wanted a slumber party and play games. I always try to get the kids out of the house because birthday parties at the home are always a lot of work. It turned out to be a great party and Elizabeth said to me "this was the best party ever." So all that work was worth it.

We had 8 girls come over and we organized Minute to Win it games. Everyone loved the games and kept wanting to play them over and over. Then after cake and presents the girls decided they wanted to have a dance competition. So they broke up in 2 groups and each came up with a dance routine. That was a lot of fun. After the dance competition someone suggested Charades. I ran down to the computer and went to a website to generate charade ideas and everyone loved it. It was funny, we tried to have some fancy parties but everyone seemed to love these simple games.

Only 3 girls could spend the night, which was nice because it was no longer so crazy.

Sunday I was exhausted. I worked on re-cleaning the house and doing laundry all day. I went to bed at 9pm and slept like a baby.

Here is to logging my food today!

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5 years ago

Simple games are the best if you ask me - especially for those types of parties. Glad Elizabeth was happy!

I hear you on the weight loss - I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to just focus on eating reasonably and getting my long runs in. If I can do that at least I know the marathon is taken care of and I can go from there.

Keep grooving - you will get where you're going :wink3:




5 years ago

Hang in there:kiss: remind your self of all
the scale victories you have

i'm sure you have many more.. don't focus so much on the number but maybe a down ward trend =D
keep up the good work
i am pulling for you!!




5 years ago

I weighed in today for our holiday challenge and boy was I ticked at the scale (ok me) I don't fee that big either.
So glad the party went well...