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Tuesday, Nov 6 2012

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228 (actually 227.75) whew that is much better than 232. Yesterday was a good nutrition day. I logged everything, stayed in calorie range and nutrition ranges were great! I was 4grams under protien but I still call it a win. It also included 2 fun size candy bars but the were logged right away.

I was not physically hungry all day. Now emotionally I always had the urge to grab something to eat but everytime I had the urge I told myself "no, I am not hungry." This will be my plan this week and hopefully it will create a good habit.

This morning I did my first speedwork in a while. I was a little worried about running faster since it has been a while but no problems and it felt good!

I signed up for a 3 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! I think my goal will be to hit between a 9:15 and 9:30 pace. This is my incentive to keep my nutrition in control.

My other goal is to fit into some Brooks running gear we got at our coaches meeting. The Brooks rep for the running store heard about the free training team and the pace coaches. So they gave us running pants, running capris, a running jack and a running vest. It was crazy we could not believe all the free stuff we got. Brooks Womens XLs run smaller so they do not fit great and it was so disappointing (almost like when I could not longer fit on a roller coaster at Six Flags). My goals it to fit into these new running clothes!!!

Have a great day!

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3 comments so far.


5 years ago

OMG, that is a lot of swag!!

Those pants will fit like a glove in no time, you are rocking the nutrtion lately!!




5 years ago

Nice job yesterday and I like the goal for the Turkey Trot. :y: I'm still hoping to break 30 minutes one day!

That's cool you got the free gear, bummer about it being Brooks. That brand runs so small and it always makes me feel so much bigger than I really am. You will get into it and then you will rock the gear - keep up the great work!




5 years ago

That is a much better #... Woo hoo....
I did one Turkey Trott and it almost killed me... LOL It was 80% hills... but had to miss last years and this year they already had it. ugh... Next year I really wanna do it again...

Day two of the challenge so far is ok... But it's hard not to grab that one piece of candy thats in the basket etc...