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Thursday, Nov 29 2012

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Yesterday was not horrible nutrition wise. I was able get to the end of the work day without eating any of the treats. Once I got home I got a little munchy and had 3 oreos and 2 small pieces of chocolate but I was able to stop it there and not eat any more because I was satisfied.

Ate just under 1,900 calories. Over in calories, carbs and sugar but at least now I know what I am eating since I am logging:) Day 3 logging everything and I am feeling very good and postive.

I was talking to one of my friends yesterday (She has been my best friend my entire life, our parents were pregnant together. I pretty much lived at her house most of my pre college life). She never struggled with weight issues like I did, but, recently she has been gaining weight. She started working out with a PT and is frustrated she had not lost any weight. She is super stressed right now, she is a middle school science teacher and there are a lot of end of semester task she needs to get done and now with the holidays added in she is overwhelmed and she is a mother of 2. My advise to her was not to focus on the scale right now but to have a healthy habit goal each day until the holidays and end of semester tasks are over. We just put so much pressure on ourselves and I think, especially for me, it prevents us from reaching our goals.

This morning was a tempo run day. 2 mile warm up and a 4 mile tempo run at 10:30 pace. At mile 2 during the tempo run for some reason I thought I could not keep up the pace but after a couple of minutes I felt fine again and was able to keep the pace. Now I feel great! Now to get focused on work......

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5 years ago

:kiss: Good Job!!




5 years ago

that is great advice.




5 years ago

Great advice for your friend. Nice job on the temp run and sticking with it - running is about 90% mental most days. Which, of course, means all us runners are totally mental. :laugh5:




5 years ago

I think that was great advice you gave your friend.