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Tuesday, Jan 15 2013

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Did a great job with eating yesterday! Stayed in Calorie Range and the nutrient range!!! I did not have to put so much emotional energy into making good choices. Good thing because those puppies were CRAZY last night. I picked them up from the vet and I thought they would be groggy.....NOPE.....they were nuts. We let them run around to burn off the energry but we could not get them to settle down. They were crazy this morning again. Hopefully things will be a little back to normal this evening since their life will not be distrupted with a surgery and shots!

This morning it was going to be 17 degress and with the added responsibity of 3 puppies in addition to our 3 dogs I decided not to do my run in the morning. Since it as only a 3 mile run with 8x30 second pick ups @ 5K pace, I decided to run at lunch time at park near by. It was nice to step out for a run at lunch time. I think I am going to do that a little more often so I only have to wake up super early a couple times a week. It is only 28 degrees outside and there was an older guy running with shorts and gloves but no shirt at all! His skin looked like it had a sunburn.

Tonight I am training with my personal trainer and hanging out with puppies and trying to get things done. After these guys are adopted out I think we need a break from puppies and foster an older dog......

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5 years ago

Great job on your nutrition! I am not a morning person at all, so I have no idea how you do those early runs, way to go =)




5 years ago

three puppies sounds like such a fun idea in theory...