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Tuesday, Jan 29 2013

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Yesterday was a very good day nutrition wise, stayed in calorie and nutrient range. Monday is my day off exercise (even though I took the weekend off), I decided to keep my same workout schedule for this week.

The scale was super nice to me this morning 233! On Jan 14th I was 237.25. I hope to to maintain that loss this week. I am just focusing on getting out of the 230s.

I did finally decide to not use CalorieKing to log my food anymore. I did like the idea of logging my food and being on the forums/blogs all in one website BUT I am not always at a computer BUT I always have my iphone. I tried using the CK mobile version to log food but I just did not like it. I moved over to using the MFP and I do really like it because I always have me phone with me and I can truly log as I eat when I am out and about. It really helps me keep track of those calories. MFP has many more features than the CK app at this time. for me it was a good decision to keep me focused on my goals.

This morning I had a 4 mile run with 10x45 pick ups @ 5k pace. I felt really good on the run! I was so glad because after last weekend I was worried I was getting burned out. I do really think my body needed a break.

Good news for Clara. They moved her to a new English class, she got her new schedule this morning. She was so happy. Her counselor called me yesterday with the news and I thank her so much for making this happen, I knew I was asking for a lot but it was the right thing to do. I cannot wait to hear about her new teacher!

Have a great day!

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5 years ago

I'm with you the CK app sucks from a logging perspective - if I wasn't at a computer so much I'd be right there with you.

Great job on the run and great news for Clara! Hope the new teacher is great!!




5 years ago

logging is my key!!




5 years ago

Yep I use MFP as well. I need to get back to logging. I have been too remiss.