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Thursday, Jan 31 2013

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Yesterday was a good day. Right on with calories and the only nutrient that was too high was sodium. Even with that the scale showed another tiny loss again. The best about yesterday is that I did not stress about food. Everything felt so natural could this finally be a lifestyle for me?

This morning was crazy tempo morning. I had to do a 2 mile warm up and then 5 sets - 1 mile at half marathon pace. I did OK. I hit the pace right (actually faster than need, my pace should be 10:40) for 2 sets and almost on one set, the other 2 sets were close. 1. 10:49, 2. 10:31, 3. 10:24, 4. 10:48 and then final 2/3 of it was uphill but made up time on the last downhill 10:43. I did not have enough time to do the 2 mile cool down......had to help take care of puppies. I will see if Clara will want to run a little with me when I get home.

Tonight is going to be 9 degrees! Looks like my 6 mile run will take place at lunch when it is only 27 degrees.

have a great rest of the day!

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5 years ago

I love how amazing you are doing. I am still like a roller coaster and the dips keep messing me up and my head...
The weather is crazy here too... burrr....