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Monday, Feb 4 2013

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Another puppy was adopted! All puppies were adopted from this litter except for our girl Liza. Hopefully next weekend she will find her forever home. With just 1 puppy it is easier to have her in the "general community." Our non foster babies are getting used to having a puppy around them more often.

On Saturday I would normally do a fitness class in the morning but a friend of mine (the one who I signed up for the5K) wanted me to review her meal logs because she had stopped losing weight, she actually started gaining a little. When I started going through her logs I saw that she was not meeting her calories. I went back through a week or more worth of logs and come to find out she was not logging everything. I think we are all guilty of this when we stop seeing the results. She also eat zero veggies and little protein. She was very thankful for the help. Helping others does help me to stay focused.

Since I missed any opportunity to do a exercise class Saturday morning my girls and I went to the gym anyway and did our own workout. I was proud of myself for not just skipping a workout because I could not make a class. I love it that the girls and I are doing this together. Do you see who was missing? My hubby.......I love him anyway:)

Sunday was training team. We got snow!!!! I was a little nervous about the 11 miles I had to do since I missed the long run from the week before. For the conditions, I felt great. There were3 inches of powder snow and then under the snow there was ice. There were also these crazy wind gusts. If you were anywhere near tress when there was a gust of wind it felt like you were being attached by the snow. I am strange but I truly enjoyed the challenge of this run and felt great afterwards. The only thing that made me feel a little bad was that I got more brooks clothes that won't fit me.......grrrr I made a deal with myself that I can try them on when I am 220. When tried the brooks stuff before I was 225.

There were a group of gals that were doing 6 miles and I got them back safe and sound and they were happy to complete their run in the snow. There was another gal who wanted to do 9. She said since I was running she would go ahead and do it.....she wanted to stop and walk at the very end but I told her she only had .10 to go and she couldn't:) She got her 9 miles in and then I did 2 more on my own and I felt great afterwards.

One the biggest loser last week they showed a recipe with a sweet potato and ground turkey. I made this for my superbowl food and it was really good. We had other "real" super bowl food around, nachos and wings. I had a little bite of it but I really liked my healthy stuff better. My only bad was the cookie cake but I LOVED every bite of it and it was worthy every bite and calorie.

I have a lighter running schedule this week because I have a 4 mile race on Saturday called the Truffle shuffle. There is a chocolate finishers medal:) My goal is to get as close to 40 minutes as I can. I am going to work real hard not to stress about the time and just focus on nutrition and the training I need to do and then see what happens on Saturday. Here is to another great week. I was 331.75! The scale is a moving and I am feeling good about it all.

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5 years ago

Did you wear spikes on your shoes? Great job getting out there and getting it done no matter what!

CHOCOLATE FINISHERS MEDAL?!?!?! I am so in!! Perfect V-Day race!!




5 years ago

Awesome job on 11 miles in the snow! Also I love that you are helping others get through their long runs too - you make a great pace coach I have no doubt. :y:

I don't know what it is about Brooks stuff but it is like being stuffed in a sausage casing - no matter what size I always feel like it's so dang tight. Maybe if I ever reach goal I can fit into an XL. :laugh5:




5 years ago

I have my BL recorded, I need to check it out. Great job on your run and congrats on the pups! That's such a great thing your family did.




5 years ago

You have such a positive attitude and I am so inspired how you're able to crank out 11 miles of running outside in the
I'm trying to get my mojo back; I keep stumbling but I'll keep trying.
Awesome job with that run!!!:thumbu2:

by SOMARA627



5 years ago

Oh I missed that BL recipe. Would ya share? Sounds yummy... We had pizza for SB, and we hardly ate them. so he has lunch for a few days lol...
You rock running in the snow. I am not even close to walking in that weather again. One day long ago (2010) I was but not today.
Glad you had a great workout with the girls. I went with my hubby and I was the only girl. I admit I love that because they don't care what I'm doin... lol...