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Tuesday, Mar 19 2013

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The 5 mile run was OK, I did not break 50 minutes. Time was 50:26....3 seconds faster than last year. I had to fight pretty hard to meet last years time. This morning during my workout I was reflecting on the race and how disappointed I was afterward. It is a fact that I am 7 pounds heavier than I was last year. That extra weight is going to make it more difficult for me. If I want to start seeing some better times I am going to have to lose this weight. The choice is up to me!

My friend did pace me the first 3 miles and then she took off. I guess it helped some but it did take me a moment to not freak out when she took off.

I was talking to another pacer on our team and she said she would pace me for the 1/2 marathon on April 6th. This would be different, she would not take off, she said she wanted to run at a slower pace the entire race and would run with me the entire time. She said she would love to do it. I will follow up with her on Sunday to verify she really wants to run with me.

The best of all is my husband and I finally had a long talk about his weight. I have not said much about it lately because I was getting really frustrated. I could just see him getting bigger and bigger. It was making him become SOOOO lazy and you could see how difficult it was for him to do anything simple. I just did not know what to do. I kept putting myself back when I weighed over 300 pounds and knew how hard that conversion would be. I wanted to bring it up to him because it was affecting his relationships with me and his daughters. Clara and Elizabeth were being to complain about him to me because he always make them to the physical stuff while he sits on the couch and watches TV. They were really getting annoyed.

Even last week, we were all in the car together and said "it is great having a mom who is such a good example for us to be health." OMG what an awesome thing to hear from your daughter BUT.....then she said "And Daddy........." she could not think of anything postivie to say. Jason laughed it off BUT I would have felt terrible.....

In the past Jason has done these clear liquid fasts for 2-3 days. I noticed yesterday he was packing stuff for work that looked like he was going to fast again. He later emailed me to tell me that he was going to fast again because he could not get his eating under control. After he came home from work he was hungry and wanted to have dinner but did not want to talk himself into eating again. I told him I understood his thought process but the I do not agree with the fast because it just makes him binge after he is done. I encouraged him to simply track his calories right now. He can proabably have 2,500-2,800 calories and still lose weight without exercise. He just needs to log the food as he eats and if he does have a snack he needs to make sure it is a controlled snack, sit down at the table and eat. He tends to make dinner and while making dinner he will eat like 600-800 calories AND then have dinner. Anyway we had a nice long talk and he agreed tracking the calories would be a better long term solution. I was able to bring up a few things that he was doing that was affecting the family and he agreed it was a problem. He said he finally just feels horrible. He did say that he really wants to go to six flags with us this summer and ride the rides with us. So that is his goal.

If we are both watching our calories it will be so much easier. We will see what happens.....

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5 years ago

That's such a hard conversation to have and it's even harder if the person isn't ready to hear it. It sounds like he's at least listening which is great and having you both do it will help tons. I know that's the time when Doug and I have been most successful - when it's a family affair. Besides the girls and you are great examples.

Hang in there on your own stuff with the running. I'm feeling the same things about losing to run better and feel better. It's a struggle but we can get this done!!!!




5 years ago

I am sure hubby is scared. It's all new and different and he will probably feel out of control. (well I am giving some of my own thoughts) but I think once he starts and keeps going it will all fall into place. Sending him good thoughts.

Awe man I was sure you were going to tell us you were about 47 min for the 5k but hey you were still faster than last year and that is wonderful in my book!!!!!




5 years ago

First off, I want to say way to go on your 5 mile run! I have never run 5 miles that fast, that is phenomenal. You are kicking tail.
About your husband, I am dealing with a similar situation. My husband's weight is fine, but he has terrible eating habits and never wants to do anything active with me. I've starting doing pushups and air squats every other day; it's really simple, but he refuses to do them with me. I know it's going to catch up with him one day, and even though he's not overweight, he is out of shape. I don't know what to do to motivate him except be a good example, but it's hard to stay strong when the person you spend your life with has different priorities than you... We WILL do this. And our husbands will have to workout when they have these super hot wives =)




5 years ago

So glad your husband is starting to take care of himself. I am sure the comment really hit home for him. You are such a good example for all of them.