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Friday, Mar 29 2013

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Hello All!!!

Last week was spring break for my girls and we took a little road trip. It was nice to all get away together. We had a nice and relaxing time. I cannot believe March is almost over and this weekend is easter weekend. Time if flying!!!

8 days until the half marathon, it is April 7th. This training season has been a mental one for me. I have been feeling so scared about the half marathon this entire time and I know the reason why, is because I have not lost the weight that I want to yet, I am still hanging around 231-132. Because of this lack of weight loss, in my crazy mind, I feel like I cannot meet my running goals. I have stated this before but this is a new concept that I am realizing and since I am finally saying it outloud it will help me make different eating choices.

Also, since Kim, a fellow pace coach is going to pace me during the run (she is a fast runner, her best half time is 1:48), it makes me even more nervous. I started feeling all sorts of pressure because I don't want to be disappointed and not I don't want to diappoint her. She truly enjoys helping people run. I understand that because I enjoy doing it as well. I am actually going to help a co-work run their first mile today after work. I am excited to do it, so I believe she truly wants to help me.

Luckily, I had my last big pace run yesterday and it went very well. I gathered data from my previous half marathon pace runs from January and I have totally improved! Seeing that data really gave me a confidence boost. Here is the progress (my goal half pace is 10:40):

Jan 2nd – 5 miles @ goal half pace-54:21 (10:51 average pace) difficult run, effort was very hard.

Jan 17th – 5 mile @ goal half pace – 53:54 (10:46 average pace) effort was very hard

Yesterday morning! The workout was 5 miles @ goal half and the 6th mile @ faster than half 5 miles – 52:38 (10:32 average pace)
Splits 1. 10:29., 2.10:43. (skinker hill), 3. 10:30, 4. 10:36, 5. 10:18 and the 6th mile – 10:09
Check out those negative splits!!! The most important thing is that I felt pretty darn good on this pace run!

Kim knows the ultimate goal is 2:20 and my best time @ Go was 2:23 last year and she tells me not to worry about pacing and just run. Tim my running coach tells me that I am ready. I worry about running that pace for 2 hours and 20 minutes but I am ready if running conditions are good. I have to trust the process and as Tim sayw I just need to worry about 1 mile at a time and the fact that Kim will be pacing me is a big bonus.

I do need to drive the course route to familize myself with all the hills.

The eating is getting better. I am more and more motivated to log on a consistant basis and I am feeling better. Jason is still logging too!!! It is great and helps a lot.

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5 years ago

Awesome pace time! You are going to do great!!!!
Glad you had a great spring break with the girls! Hope your Easter was a good one too...




5 years ago

Okay so first off - you are always stronger than you think you are and you CAN do this!!! I know how hard it is when you let your doubts creep in but trust the pace coach to keep an eye on the time and run by feel. If you feel good, let her know and she will adjust for you. I have no doubt, with all the hard work you put in, that you can do this if conditions are right on race day. And the most important thing to remember is that the only person you can disappoint is yourself - and you will only do that if you don't do your best. So as long as you do the best you can with what you have that day - you should be proud, no matter the finish time. :kiss:




5 years ago

YES! trust yourself with the process! you are ready!!

remember with all this running your body is very very busy
with building your muscle.. more muscles you got more efficient your calories burn so your weight loss is stalling alittle bit BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!! your body will be ready to let it go just stay with it!!!!!