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Wednesday, Jun 26 2013

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So yesterday the temperature in St. Louis was 95 degrees with a 101 heat index even in the evening and of course Tuesday is speed work night! We had the hardest workout I think we ever had. 1 set equal 2 - 200s (you run a 200, half a lap then jog/walk back to where you started) then do the second 200. Then you got to follow that up with doing a 400. We had to do that 3 times. OMG!! The 200s were not that bad BUT the 400 was tough! I wanted to cry inside the last 100. We had to run it at 1 mile race page. BUT I did it! The 200s I hit 46-48 seconds and the 400s (I lap around the track) I hit 2:05. Right on target!!! The 200s were like a 7:30ish pace and the 400s were around an 8:20ish pace. Starting the last 400 my quads were shaking.

I tell you what, I have been a stress ball BUT when I do those tough workouts it really helps my stress level for a little while.

So on Saturday Big River Running does this Macklind Mile. You are supposed to run your fastest mile because the course is flat and has downhills the entire mile. Tim thinks I can break a 9 minute mile. He initially said 8:30 mile but then saw the panic in my face and said to just break 9 minutes. That would be so cool.

Other than the running I am just trying to keep my emotions in check. It has been very difficult but I am surviving. It is harder because I have to keep it together for my daughters. My Mom handled her marital difficulties terribly and I am trying to find a good balance with my daughters.

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4 years ago

I grew up in St. Louis - ON Macklind Ave, until I was 8 yo! Then we moved to South County. I remember some cool days in June and August, very humid in July! In that first house, we only had a window unit...never phased us!

Good job with your running!




4 years ago

Awesome job with running and in the heat....
You are a great mom! No matter what you do you are a great example for them!




4 years ago

You're doing great with your running. As for everything else, you will do your best I'm sure.