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Monday, Dec 16 2013

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I think I might enjoying the Christmas holiday!?! Crazy. Honestly I have not enjoyed Christmas the past few years. It was always so much work and money. Jason was always working a lot of hours and everything fell on me to plan, organize and implement. This year is different, I am not doing everything alone. Jason is home in the evenings and weekends to help and we are more hopeful about our finances. I just got a nice raise and am getting a Christmas bonus, that helps the holiday mood as well.

This weekend we all went holiday shopping together, cleaned and decorated the house together. Elizabeth and I decorated cute cupcakes. Debbie would be so impressed, I need to post a picture. We made snowmen and raindeer cupcakes (they were super cute) and then we delivered them to our favorite neighbors. It was so fun knocking on the door and spreading some holiday cheer.

I just completed my last 5K of 2013. This was great because it was the exact same course I ran 1 month ago. It is a hilly course. So 1 month ago I ran it in 31:21 and yesterday I did it in 30:28!!! 53 seconds off my 5K time, an apples to apples comparison. It was the Hot Chocolate series. I could have shaved off a little more time because it was CROWDED. They changed the wave start to only 32 waves because of the extreme cold. I spend the first mile weaving in and out trying to get around people and couldn't get up the the right speed.

I am excited to see this progress. It is keeping me motivated:)

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4 years ago

Me too!! this is prolly the best Christmas i have had in 4 years?
it's not much put there is some joy it, even time for reflection. nice!




4 years ago

I need to see pic. of those cupcakes.... Love the idea of giving them to you neighbors...
I hope this happy feeling you are having with the holidays spreads over to 2014... You deserve it....




4 years ago

So glad the holiday's are better for you this year. I know how stressful it can be.

And again... I need some of your speed =D