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Friday, Jan 17 2014

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Things are going pretty good so far. Last Sunday was the first day of training team to start preparing for the Spring half and full marathons. I am training for a half marathon at the end of April. It was a pretty overwhelming experience. I had not seen a lot of the team member since October. Everyone was very nice and complimentary of my weight loss but it was just so many people all at once just amazed at the change, honestly it was a very overwhelming and made me cry on the way home. I was not sure if I was sad or happy.

Jason started the diet plan this week. He is doing great and it really liking the plan. After a couple of days of doing the plan, he said he can really tell a difference, he says he just feels so much better. Most important he is working on his relationship with food, he knows that he has a food addiction. Right now he is very positive and is happy he is doing the program. He is on track to have a pretty good weight loss this week. It is so nice to be doing this plan together.

On Wednesday we had to do a pick-up workout. You do a 1 mile warm up and then for 8 sets you run 30 seconds at 5K pace followed by a 2 minute easier pace, then a 1 mile cool down run. One of the gals from training team suggested we get together and do the workout together. There were 4 of us who met AND it was a blast. We ran, laughed and talked. We did a great workout but it didn't even feel like we were working out. We are going to meet up every Wednesday to do this workout together. It was nice because usually I am in a "coach" type role. This was just me running with some pals, it was nice!

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4 years ago

Yeah for you. Your Wednesday group sounds perfect and kudos for jumping back into the half marathon training team. Sounds like it was a bit difficult, but no worries. You did it. Best, Cheryl55



4 years ago

Why did it make you sad?




4 years ago

You sound so focused, I love it....
I am glad hubby is doing well on the program too!




4 years ago

:thumbu2:You sound like you're in such a good place mentally Lisa..awesome job with the running workout!

by SOMARA627