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Monday, Jan 27 2014

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14!!!! That is a size of 2 dresses I bought over the weekend. It is such a nice but strange experience. Jason and I decided that we need to out on a date for Valentine's day. NOTE, I will not go out on actual valentines day because it is just too over crowded. We decided to go out this Saturday. Me and one of my best friends went shopping. It was so much fun. There was a large dressing room and we just tried on clothes together, I put on a dress, size 16, I was thinking that it would barely fit. Carmen tells me that I need a size 14, I didn't believe her for the longest time. She went and got a 14 and she was right, the 16 was a tiny loose and since I have 20 more pounds to lose then I only would have been able to wear the dresses for a month or 2. It was the best shopping experience I have ever had in my life. I was so happy to be out of the 20s, I was super happy being a 16/18, just never imagined 14 yet.

I will have my daughters take pictures of us before we leave on Saturday. Now I need new under garments. My bras and underwear are too big!

This weekend was training team. It is just such a great experience meeting new runners each week. Everyone is so appreciative of the support. I went with the marathon group and we ran 10 miles (I only had to do 8 miles) but it was a nice day and I was enjoying the run.

This morning I had a track workout with my running coach Tim. It was so Windy. I am really over the wind. It was 12 degress and windchills below zero. At least I was running. Tim was standing on the track. He was doing time timed drills to figure out my training plan. My 400 was at an 8:00 pace. He thinks with confidence that I can run the St. Louis Go half in 2:20, that is the first weekend in April and the IL Christie Clinic in 2:15, that last weekend in April. Those are the goals. I am actually feeling like I can do this. Feeling this confident is a new feeling for me but I really think I can do this.

Jason is doing great with his diet. He lost another 4 pounds, 11 total.

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4 years ago

That's so COOL! cONgrats about the new dress size. Very motivating, no? All your hard work is PAYING OFF! Best, Cheryl55



4 years ago

Love getting a smaller size than expected. You're doing great!




4 years ago

You should be so proud of yourself!!




4 years ago

That's amazing.. I can't wait to see you all dressed up for your date... keep it up friend you are doing it!




4 years ago

You are on FIRE!!!!
Awesome job..what a great feeling when you can drop a dress size..feel good about that strong and attractive woman you see in the are DOING IT!

by SOMARA627



4 years ago

What a wonderful feeling!