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Thursday, Feb 27 2014

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I finally saw a new number on the scale, 192.5. If I am 90% on plan this week I could possibly be flirting with the 180s. I cannot believe I am less than 20 pounds from reaching my goal weight, or what I think my goal weight should be, right now I am shooting for 175. I am tall, 5'11" and most of the weight charts say I should be 133 to 179. I am too tall for 133! I just want to look healthy and strong. From the BMI calculators (I know they are an estimate) I only have about 10 pounds to loose to be officially in that healthy weight range.

I have never been in this place with "only" 20 pounds to lose. I have lived the majority of my life with having to lose anywhere from 80-150 pounds, ALL of my adult years were having to lose more than 100 pounds. This is a mind blowing place for me to be. Luckily I think I am mentally in the best place right now. I have not been perfect in my eating but I am really learning to not feel like I am being punished because I am eating healthier. I am also finding a good balance in really enjoying "non healthy" foods. There are some really great foods that are not good for us BUT I am going to enjoy them in moderation. Most of my life when it comes to food I always had guilt. Guilt that I should be on a diet and not be eating this bad food OR when I was on a diet and I would indulge/binge, I felt guilt. I think I am really coming to terms with the fact that I want to be a healthy person and eating healthy is a good thing (not a punishment) AND I can enjoy 1 piece of cake, like a real sized piece of cake. I am no long eating minis or small bites/slivers of anything. They are so unsatisfying to me, you pop them into your mouth and they go gone in a second and then I end up eating more like 2 pieces of cake because I keep going back for more bites/slivers. I have learned that it is best for me to just enjoy a candy bar (not a king size, a regular size bar) Or 1 donut (unless I cannot decide between 2 kinds, I will have a half a piece of each) OR even a meal. I am getting to the point that I am not feeling guilty when I indulge and that is helping me make better choices 80-90 percent of the time.

Yesterday I had to do a 6 mile pace run. In April (last weekend), my goal half is to do a 2:15 half marathon, that is a 10:15 pace. I was able to do my 6 mile pace run at a 10:16 pace. I felt great and it was crazy cold AND windy. When I got back my face was not only red it was kind of purple.

We are in for more storms! One on Friday, a smaller one and then Saturday night to Sunday Sleet, freezing rain and snow. Here we go again......

My husband is doing great on his diet to:) He signed up for extra nutrition meetings after the take down challenge he did. For the next 10 weeks he will weighin and meet with a counselor to review his food diary one a week. I can tell since we decided to do this he is logging everything. He says he does feel better and we are now cleaning up the basement to re work our workout area:)

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4 years ago

OMG!! your new pictures look great!! and you can tell your work outs are paying off!!

NICE team workout area!!!




4 years ago

Tremendous job! Congratulations, Lisa!!



4 years ago

Congrats Lisa! I too am about 20 pounds from my goal and it is truly unbelievable to me that I'm that close. You got this!



4 years ago

Woot Woot... Congratulations! xoxo




4 years ago

Congratulations and Terrie and Jay are the running superstahs!!!!:rock1:
I need to get back on wagon with that.:laugh5:

by SOMARA627



4 years ago

That is awesome! Congratulations. :smile1:




4 years ago

I totally get what you are saying. I am >that close< to being where I want to be. Closer than I've ever been, except one other time. However, I *do* hate you for being 5'11''. :devious:




4 years ago





4 years ago

I'm so happy for you. Love to hear about break through weights like this. It shows that your program is working. So inspirational! Cheryl55



4 years ago

Good job Lisa, I loved reading your entire blog, but the 2nd paragraph was awesome. What a healthy place for your head to be in!




4 years ago

I wish I knew where to begin to meet with a nutritionist or a counselor to review my diary. On days when I reach my calorie target, and my macros allign, I wonder what they would suggest to make it better. Less sodium, for sure!