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Monday, Apr 7 2014

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The race went GREAT!!! Goal time was to break 2:20, my final time was 2:15:98!!!!!!!! My previous best time on this same course was 2:23 (and some change)

The race was Sunday. Saturday was a VERY long day!!! I woke up at 5:30am, I was wide awake so I got up and walked the dogs and did my 20 minute jog. During this jog I had every emotion in the books from "I totally suck at running, why am I even doing this race" to "I go this." Basically the entire day was like this.

Tim wanted me to relax the entire day. It is hard to do when you are a mom. We did have to do some errands but the errands were not big, just a lot of driving. Even though, I have run this race route a couple of times we went downtown to drive the race again. I am very glad I did because I could visualize myself running the race throughout the evening and identifying my effort level and what pace I should be running at each mile. I also noted all the water stations because I was running without my fuel belt and music. Finally by 5pm I stopped moving and we rented a movie.

Race day weather was perfect. 35 degrees at race start. As always while I was driving to the race I started to have this sinking feeling in my stomach, "why am I doing this." Even got a little tearful. Thank goodness I have the training team. Once I saw all the training team members and fellow pace coaches it really helped to improve my mood.

The first 8 miles I had a hard time keeping the pace at 10:40. I kept running a little faster. I worked really hard the first 8 miles to control my pace because I knew I had to get through Holy Hills before I started increasing my speed. One of the pace coaches was riding her bike along the course looking for training team members and cheering us one, it was great. Got to see Tim along the course as well at mile 6.

Holy Hills mile 6-8 (this is were I completely broke down last year), this year completely different, I felt great on those hills. I was able to increase my speed after mile 8. Here are my splits:

1 10:35.0 1.00 10:35
2 10:31.7 1.00 10:32
3 10:30.0 1.00 10:30
4 10:31.1 1.00 10:31
5 10:44.5 1.00 10:45
6 10:26.1 1.00 10:26
7 10:33.6 1.00 10:34
8 10:35.7 1.00 10:36
9 10:24.2 1.00 10:24
10 10:17.0 1.00 10:17
11 9:54.8 1.00 9:55
12 10:03.3 1.00 10:03
13 9:36.9 1.00 9:37
14 1:15.6 0.14 9:07

At mile 12, I knew I had a chance for 216 flat so I ran as fast as I could. Tim, my coach, saw me cross the finish line and said I looked really strong. I guess all those humbling track sessions paid off:)

It was an awesome day. Not just because of my race but it was great being with so many awesome runners of ALL abilities. We had people qualify for Boston to completing their first marathon (that took them 6:30 to complete) BUT everyone was just so happy for everyone with all their accomplishments. I am so lucky to have this group.

I had 4 marathoners. I saw 3 of them cross that finish line. Me and another pace coach stuck around to cheer them one. They were so happy we stuck around. I just teared up watching all these mothers, fathers, young girls crossing the finish line and especially seeing the family holding up signs for their family members. It is hard being one of the last people to cross the finish line. Our last marathoner made it just in time. The course was only a 6:30 marathon course. If made it with 2 minutes to spare. I was so happy to be there!!!

Today I am tired and sore!!!! But I feel great. Now for a real taper!!!!

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4 years ago

WTG!! You have come so far in your journal! your my hero :clap::clap:




4 years ago





4 years ago

Way to go ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!




4 years ago

wow, you are amazing. You should be so proud of yourself!!




4 years ago

My one and only timed race - I was the LAST one across the finish line...but I had a POLICE escort. People were cheering! I still get teary-eyed when I remember. I have a picture somewhere...




4 years ago

Congratulations! So inspiring!




4 years ago

Congratulations, Lisa! What a joyful accomplishment :rock1: