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Thursday, Jun 5 2014

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Hello. Things have been getting hot and humid over in St. Louis. The nice thing is that it is getting easier for me to run in the heat and humidity. I don't like it still but I am perform better in it than I have in the past.

Last week I lost 2 pounds on the challenge. There are 1.5 weeks left. Monday was my husband's birthday. For the morning he wanted a gooey butter cake. I made that for him the night before because they like to have a piece for breakfast. It is a very yummy cake. In the morning I only had a small piece. I got home early to make his birthday dinner. Jason LOVES bacon so we did a bacon themed dinner. I did bacon wrapped shrimp on the grill and then made bacon cornbread for a appetizer. It turned out great. Then my daughter wanted to make him burgers and then we cooked up bacon for the burgers because Jason loves a bacon cheeseburger. Then my daughter Elizabeth made him maple cupcakes with candied bacon on top (she made them from scratch, did I mention she is 12?) and they turned out great. It was cool that each of us was responsible for a portion of his meal. He really appreciated it. Well when I got home I had a piece of the gooey butter cake and the sugar just tasted so good. I just went for it. I ate whatever I wanted that evening, I just gave myself permission to eat it and it all tasted so good.

I think letting myself just eat did the trick because it was super easy getting back on track. I might only lose a pound this week but I am OK with it. Right now I am back at 196 so we will see what I can do for the Saturday weight in.

Last night was a humid speedwork workout. We had to do 5 x 600s at 2 mile pace( honestly I am not sure what pace that is for me). For the goal 28:00 5K I was supposed to run it in like 3:02. I hit each set between 3:10 and 3:15. Didn't quite make it but I was close. Those times are right at a 8:00 pace or just a little under so I will take that! Next week is the 1 mile time trial.

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4 years ago

This former StL native can vouch for you...Gooey Butter cake is WORTH it!!! I have a couple of recipes, I might try one. The best is from Federhoffers (sp) on Gravois Road. People stand IN LINE for it!




4 years ago

I agree. Sometimes you just have to go with the happy events around you and then just get back on track the very next day. You did great! Very level headed:) And your daughter sounds like a whiz in the kitchen (must have a good teacher!). Best, Cheryl55



4 years ago

Great job letting yourself enjoy what you really wanted - I'm sure that's what helped you jump back on track easily. You are just killing it on the workouts woman! You are doing amazing - so great to see!!!

Oh and the job is in Northern California but we just may have to get you to come run one of the Disney races with me in So Cal so we can meet up. :)




4 years ago

I think it was very nice what you and your daughter did for your husband; if he's anything like mine, he's probably eating the healthy food with you.

As far as letting yourself have at it, as long as you're honest with yourself then you dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

I too find planning my meals, especially on a special occassion so I eat light throughout the day and can induldge a little later on without the guilt because the guilt will send me right to tge fridge for a bowl if ice cream or a big fat candy bar.

I commend you for your 5k traing, I want so badly to one day compete abd FINISH a mud run but my knees are so bad im afraid it may never happen for me. Keep it up...its awesome! :clap::thumbu2:




4 years ago

If i had to point at one thing that keeps me on track, that would be planning my food! knowing what i'm going to eat keeps from going down the path of what should i eat, which is usually at the point of i'm ready to eat one of each LOL! plan!




4 years ago

You're right. All of us fall somewhere on the spectrum. I me a who doesn't like to feel pampered? The difference ends up in the how and what, I believe.

by JAY