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Monday, Jun 30 2014

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I have been around but for some reason did not take the time to blog.

It is HUMID here in St. Louis. But the good news is that over the fourth we are going to have some very nice weather. Usually on the fourth it is just hot and humid.

Running has been going pretty good! Last week at speed work we did this workout: 1 set was 2 - 200s and then a 400 with a walk/jog rest in between. I ran my first 400 under 2 minutes. I did it for all 3 sets!! I think my best time on a 400 was like 2:05. I got 2 1:98 and even a 1:96.

This past weekend we have this race called the Macklind Mile. It is flat and then there is a big downhill at the end. You can really run your fasted mile. Last year I did it in 8:44, this past weekend I did it in 8:13!!! Next year I am thinking I we see a 7:something.

So running has been going pretty good. Even though training team has not officially started I still me with a small group of my friends on the weekend to run. Training team for the Fall 1/2 marathons starts on July 13th!

My eating has been OK. I have been logging a little bit but not consistently. I think because my running is going so well, it is making me not pay as close attention to food. Also, I can try on clothes at the store and feel pretty good when I am trying on clothes, that is all good BUT I don't want to get too comfortable. Running would be so much easier if I did lose 20 more pounds. Over the weekend, yes over the weekend I logged faithfully and it felt good. I was not perfect in my eating but it definitely made me make better choices.

I have not stepped on the scale in about 2 weeks. This is not a good thing for me to do either. I just have to do it but I want to have a couple more days of decent eating in first.

I actually do have a goal. In 5 weeks for speedwork we will do our 5K on the track. Just losing 5 pounds before this would be very beneficial. I am thinking that is my goal for now.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!


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3 years ago

miss u lady!!! hope ur well and just enjoying life!! xoxoxo




3 years ago

8:13 is AWESOME!!!! You are doing so great and getting better every day - love hearing about your journey!




3 years ago

AWESOME times. You are a true runner...
so proud to be able to read and be apart of your journey.... Keep inspiring us!




3 years ago

Those houses on Macklind were built for the WWII war vets. The square footage on that house was 700 SqFt., my parents bought it for $10K! My dad finished the attic and it doubled the size of the house! Can't believe my parents had 4 kids while living in that house! It has a full size basement too.




3 years ago

Wave at 3329 Macklind as you pass by! I came home as a newborn from Deaconess Hospital to that cracker jack box house!




3 years ago

:hi: :kiss:
If that beating myself up burned calories i'm be a thin as a rail! :o

I can't believe how far you have come in your journey!! :clap::clap:
your rocking the road racing!!:thumbu2:
Have a good week too!!




3 years ago

Thank you for the positive and encouraging comments.:kiss::kiss:

That's great that you can run, I've always wanted to and have tried many times but my body just isn't built that way I guess, I always ended up with side cramps and now my knees are bad so out of the question...but YOU GO GIRL! :thumbu2:

I think we all go through periods of tapering off on recording and not eating as we should but we all know CK is here waiting to pick us up and start again. :teeth1:

Great goal as well!:thumbu2::thumbu2: