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Thursday, August 25th 2016

I am so exhausted today; even though I’m sleeping through the night, the quality of my sleep is just not there. All that’s going on with my FIL is emotionally and mentally draining, he has added emotional extortion to his manipulation techniques. I get it, he’s afraid, no one wants to be in the rehab\nursing home but it’s temporary and he is very ill, we do not posses the medical skills to provide safe and proper medical care for him. We are hiring a live-in caregiver, he may be well enough ...

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Sunday, August 21st 2016

Ah it's Sunday, how I miss the slow Sunday mornings, but today I get to enjoy it. Our Uncle is spending the day with my FIL trying to give us all some mental space from eachother. I'm going to take advantage of this to relax for an hour and then catch up on housework, food shopping and prepping meals for an easier week.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 20th 2016

Yesterday's meeting with my FIL's social worker was very informative, actually a little bit of an information overload but at least we have a starting point. we all believe my husband is in denial; I have to ask myself if he sees something we are capable of, are the rest of us judgement impaired at the moment? Today we are going to my FIL's house to clean out the two spare room upstairs he was using as storage to make space for a live in caregiver. There is so much to go through, most of the ite...

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Friday, August 19th 2016

Yesterday everything changed. Yesterday was my FIL’s appt with the Infectious Disease Specialist; I’m afraid the news wasn't very good, the antibiotics are not working, the infection in his bone and the bed sore have not improved, even after 4 weeks of strong IV antibiotics. The doctor said they will not heal and surgery is not possible. He will have the infection and the wound his remaining days; they will be switching him over the next week to oral antibiotics to see if it can hold the infec...

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Thursday, August 18th 2016

Good morning! Can't really sleep, sadly my FIL is up to old tricks. Yesterday he was transported by ambulance from the rehab to the hospital for a wound check, my husband met him at the hospital early, checked in with the girl at the desk who told him they usually run an hour late.. He patiently waits only to get a call from the rehab letting him know Dad is back...the girl at the desk never told him to come back! When he gets to the rehab Dad tells him the doctor said he doesn't like the way th...

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