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Sunday, Aug 3 2014 - cooking day

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Wow! What a day already, dinnervis cooking, laundry going, fed the grand baby and waiting for him to fall asleep. Im making a pork loin, potatoes, babby carrots, and sauerkraut in the crock pot. Once he wakes up well go to the supermarket for chop meat (beef for the hubby and turkey for me) so I can make mini meat loaves that ill freeze for later meals or sandwiches. I hoped to have time to whip upba batch of turkey chili too but it it has to simmer for 3-4 hrs to really let the flavors marry...this too will be broken into portions and frozen. I was going to do a pulled pork but my husband requested the crockpot meal and its easier so win, win! I made an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs, mixed with hot sauce, milk, Mrs. DASH tomato basil seasoning, diced tomatoes and at the end I folded in half an avocado (mashed)...the eggs were so creamy and delicious...this is a keeper!

Its funny because I really dont like to cook but its cooler today, like a taste of fall and I usually go through sperts of wanting to cook and wanting to cook big hearty meals. Usually in the fall I make chicken stew with basil dumplings, hurricane soup (my version of olive garden's chicken nocchi soup made when expecting a hurricane, so I could heat it on the woodstove) , risotto with pineapple mango salsa and shrimp, spicy pulled pork for sandwiches or sliders, meatloaf, ricotta and spinach stuffed peppers, ziti and I always make my family a batch of hand breadded fried clam strips, pan frie fried summer squash and zucchini with old bay seasoned french fries with a roasted red pepper,mayo and lime dipping sauce to welcome the fall. I guess I can still make it for them, I can easily forego this, I only like the clam muscle anyway and dont eat fried foods anymore; I'll have salad and roasted sweet potatoes, with maybe a handfull of shrimp instead. My family would be so disappointed if I didnt make it, ill have to do a test run, maybe I can bake the zucchini and sqush, as long as they are crispy no one will complain.

Well, the baby just fell asleep, I'm only going to let him sleep 1hr - 1 hr 45 min max. This is his second nap since 9:30am and he's been cranky in between, maybe too much sleep. When he sleeps like this it means hes growing. I live this baby so much, words cannot describe the pure joy this little man brings us.

Oh, I almost forgot, something exciting happened shorts are loose in the legs and my husband noticed!!! I had jyst gotten out of the shower, I took longs pants into the bathroom with me but was warm, so I went to change into shorts and he was putting his laundry away and saw me...he immediately said wow look how loose they are in the legs now! This is the same pair I wore to the bay with the baby and they weren't loose at all, not tight, but they are loose everywhere. I feel great! My weight is holding and thats OK, I see changes in my body again, so the scale can say whatever it wants, I'm doing OK.

Im not complaining just noticing...ive been in a really good place mentally & emotionally for a few days and I like it. For the first time in a ong time, I feel comfortable in my skin, not comfortable like oh I can stop now, but more like, "OK, I'm a work in progress and I AM making progress" ... it feels good, I feel good. I think the key are the mini goals, crushing them helps me build momentum and keeps it more attainable.

So with those thoughts, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day and I hope you enjoy yours too!

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3 years ago

I like those thoughts - "I am a work in progress - and I AM making progress". Keep it up!