WILLLOSEIT's May 2007 CalorieKing Blog

the butt of the joke

Thursday, May 31st 2007

he said something
my hair stylist that is
he meant it as funny
but today i didn't laugh
i guess i am wearing my sensitive skin today

i do laugh at myself
all the time
it's healthy
it is the best medicine
so they say
it burns calories
not enough though
i should be a twig....

he said something
just a comment about my butt
big butt
i can say it
but he can't
or anyone else
he didn't mean to hurt me
he is not that way
but it did

it's hot today

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my favorite things

Wednesday, May 30th 2007

ice cream, it's no joke
vanilla not chocolate
actually any flavor will do...

amy winehouse,
try to make me go to rehab
i said no, no, no

brandi carlile..the story
all of these lines upon my face

rosie o'donnell
she speaks her heart
takes the heartbreak
lies she never said

waking up a pound lighter
no greater joy
ok, maybe ice cream
perhaps just a little less today

a baby's coo
coo coo ca choo
so sweet, so innocent
music to my ears


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Lost Weekend

Tuesday, May 29th 2007

blew it..blew it..blew it
tried not to, but failed
started out slowly,
ended with a flurry
ate everything and anything i felt like
now I am mad...sad too

i thought i was over this, but it's too soon
need to try harder, think less
the road is very long
and i have only taken a few steps
today is another day...


Thursday, May 24th 2007

I hate all of this with Rosie and The View. She is so unjustly portrayed by the media because she is so strong and opinionated. She is also a target because she is heavy (as she often says) and I guess I hate that the most. People are just rude and crude and think it is OK to make comments about someone's size.

As far as the politics go, I am with Rosie 100%. It is a shame that Elisabeth and all the other misguided Republicans give her such a hard time for speaking her mind and very of...

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Dancing with the Pounds

Monday, May 21st 2007

It took me over 2 weeks to lose one pound. At this rate it will take me 4 years to reach my goal. I don't know if I have the stamina, will power or energy to last that long. I know it is my age and I sound like a broken record when I talk about it. But it is so very frustrating. I have increased my exercise level and frequency hoping to drop kick my metabolism at least to move it from snail to toad pace....Wow it is so difficult to stay on track, but I do.

I haven't spoken to my mot...

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