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A Melt Down

Friday, May 18th 2007

So my mother had a stroke on my wedding day almost 5 years ago. But even before that it was touch and go that she would come to my wedding. I worked on her all summer. OK getting married later in life (at 48) you know your parents are older (my mom was 79 and my father was 80 at the time). But what mother doesn't want to see their daughter married? Even through their pains, a mother would want to be there right? Well, my mother fought me every step of the way and I did everything to help he...

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Blog = My Journal

Thursday, May 17th 2007

I know no one is reading this, but that's OK. It's therapy for me. This combined with keeping track of everything I eat and moving my XXL butt every now and then has been a big help. It helps me stay focused and it helps me to stay positive. Rome wasn't built in a day and either was this body (although sometimes it certainly feels that way.

I am trying to lose weight for many reasons. I need to get my career back on track and don't feel that I put my best foot forward at my current ...

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A Challenge Tonight

Tuesday, May 15th 2007

My sister is a pediatrician who has written a diet and exercise program to combat childhood obesity. She recently became the spokesperson for Apple and Eve juices and will be featured on all their products. Tonight she is being honored at a dinner as a one of Long Island's most influential women. I am in the shadow, trying not to cast a cloud on her. I am obese and obviously not a disciple of her program. Not because it doesn't work, but because...well because she is my sister. You know ho...

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It's an Up Hill Battle

Monday, May 14th 2007

With my 53rd birthday just a few months away, I am experiencing the nightmare everyone warned me about 20 years ago--lose the weight now or it will be that much harder when you are older. Well I am older, and truer words have never been spoken. I am doing everything "by the book," following all the dos and don'ts of good eating and lifestyle habits most of the time and the weight is just trickling off. The days of losing 10 pounds a month are gone for me. I have to smile, because I...

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It's All Greek to ME

Sunday, May 13th 2007

OK so yesterday turned into a bad day. After going to see the movie "Waitress," my husband jokingly said "He wanted pie" for dinner. We laughed and then agreed on Greek food. We headed to Tarrytown, NY where there is a Greek Restaurant that we heard good things about. We were nearby, so what the heck. How bad could that be, I asked myself. I will only have a little pita bread with just a little tzatziki sauce. I’ll just have a little Greek salad and just a little chicke...

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