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Tuesday, July 31st 2007

As some of you already know today is the anniversary of my brother’s death. Lenny was one of identical twins, both diagnosed as mentally retarded when they were 4 years old. I was 7 at the time and their disability changed my life and the rest of my family’s lives forever.

Talking about Lenny’s death is very difficult for me. Instead of writing something new, I have decided to share a few excerpts from the book I am writing. The book is really about my life as a pioneer within the int...

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living in the moment

Monday, July 30th 2007

i am happy
to be where i am
in the place
with the person i love
getting healthy
taking my time
to get things right
this time

i am happy
to be working
from home
allowing me the time
to do things
just for me
and make choices
just for me
i make my own schedule
and put myself first
because i have
the time now
to fit it all in
and i do

i am thrilled
about the knowledge
i am gaining
the things i have learned
about myself
and why i eat

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a feast at the table of strength

Sunday, July 29th 2007

another success
i am so proud
surrounded by
food and drinks
for 48 hours
and i stayed 100%
on plan

a new me
it seems
is emerging
i don't think
about how much
i can eat anymore
i think about
what i need to eat
for nourishment
to have fun
and participate
just enough
instead of
way over the top
and that's exactly
what i did

sure, i ate a bit
over my limit
but not much
and not much more
than i would
possibly do
on a day
a weeke...

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a funny thing happened ...

Saturday, July 28th 2007

greetings everyone!

i am too hot to think of a theme for today and i don't even have enough time to write a long blog. i just wanted to share a funny story with you, so there wouldn't be an empty day in my blog...:) I am fussy that way...:)

my friend michael (marianne's husband) is one of the funniest people i know...he has a sharp sense of humor and can say and do the most hilarious things and doesn't even know it. he is a home contractor (he would be doing the work at my house, but...

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Friday, July 27th 2007

it is friday morning and i am sitting in marianne's son's room trying to get in as much computer time as possible. we have a lot to do for the party tomorrow and i want to be as helpful as possible. we were up late last night too. ok, so i am up late every night, but today it just feels worse than usual. i will feel better after i have breakfast i am sure. food always does it...:) I weighed-in a day early because i knew i would be away from my home scale today (i was tempted to take it with m...

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