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my passions

Thursday, July 26th 2007

my passions

i am a passionate person
i have strong beliefs
and i have even
stronger desires
i give with gusto
i share without reservation
i enjoy every day I have
i live

and so it is
i have many passions
i love music
all kinds, really
i love to sing
out loud
and i don’t
care who hears me
"passionate kisses"
a song
i love
if you don’t know it
listen to it
and dance to it
and sing your heart out
it is my anthem
and i ...

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image, body

Wednesday, July 25th 2007

yesterday, there were several blogs and posts about body image; about how pictures and mirrors don’t reflect what we expect to see as quickly as we want to see it. after all the work we are doing, we want to see hard evidence of the progress in our reflections and we don’t, at least not yet. well this got me thinking about expectations and managing them. now, i am very proud of everything i am doing and all my hard work to get healthy and thinner. but that doesn’t mean i am going to see the ...

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mentor, friend, teacher

Tuesday, July 24th 2007

there are people
you meet in life
who have a profound
influence on you
and sometimes
they don't even know it
some come and go
but still you
remember them
with love
and gratitude

sister ann
my chemistry teacher
in high school
she adored me
she saw talent
she saw a troubled kid
in a difficult home
she made some terrible years
so tolerable
she became my friend
and was beautiful
and special
i will
never forget
her kind heart
and nurturing way...

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reflections on a rainy day

Monday, July 23rd 2007

in a good place
that's where i am
for the most part
despite a stumble
despite a moment
of weakness
that somehow
i've survived

in a reflective mood
that's how i feel
on a rainy monday
after my own
personal storm
drenched me with fear
just a day or so ago
and i am still standing
standing tall

i face this new week
eager to do my best
buoyed by the spirits
of this community
that lifted me so high
and wrapped its
healing arms around me
to pick me ...

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a lesson well learned, i hope

Sunday, July 22nd 2007

i was alone
my shoulder hurt
my ankle hurt
i panicked
thinking of all i had to do
and so i ate
almost everything in sight
i fell
i failed
i failed myself

i was tired
it had been a long day
i didn't feel well
despite the beautiful sun
the nap
didn't help
neither did the second one
and so i ate
almost everything in sight
i fell
i failed
i failed myself

i thought
i would work-out
at some point
but i didn't
my body ached
and i had other

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