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my gain, my loss, my gain

Friday, August 31st 2007

well it had to happen one day. for the first time since april 15th i showed a weight gain. i have stayed the same weight before, but not a weight gain. i don't have anyone to blame except myself. i didn't do everything right and i know it. all i can do is move on and learn from my mistakes. but it is not always that simple.

so what can i get out of this, besides a kick in the butt and i shouldn't have eaten the bag of sweet potato chips last night reprimand to myself? is my gain, my...

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life's ups and downs

Thursday, August 30th 2007

today is a much better day. i stayed very focused yesterday. in fact for the first time since i began this journey i was way under on my calorie intake. i did not plan it and i am not saying it is always a good thing but it made me realize that when i have to eat less (than i am eating now) it won't be that difficult. based on this, i decided to lower my calorie target a bit and see if that helps speed my progress to some degree. believe me, we are nowhere close to starvation mode. i think...

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waking up

Wednesday, August 29th 2007

good afternoon folks

i really have been in a bit of a funk the past few days. it's not all weight related either. august has seemed endless because it's been so hectic for me. i had such momentum going thru july and now i feel like i have lost it.

it's only a piece of my blues puzzle though. you see, i had a 20+ career as a marketing professional in financial services. i did very well for myself. but the shrinking nature of the industry finally caught up to me and i was displace...

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changes are good, but not always easy

Tuesday, August 28th 2007

today is a dad day. i am bringing my dad to the casino for some much needed downtime. it's his only outlet for the stress he feels from being cooped up in the house with my mom every day. his eyes are getting worse and i feel like he is aging rapidly. granted he will be 86 and has lead a full and active life. but when i see him hunched over and walking on his now wobbly legs it makes me sad. i just hope these bi-weekly trips to the casino do him some good. he loves going and is so thrilled ...

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a blur of a day

Sunday, August 26th 2007

yesterday was the first day since memorial day that i didn't completely log my food. it was such a long, blur of a day that i couldn't tell you what i did or didn't eat. i definitely went off program but not too badly, just enough to make it not worth remembering. it ended with a "forced" tequila shot with marianne, her daughter and her friends after the party. ralph, mare's husband and a few other folks were patiently (dare i say impatiently) waiting outside for the 50 year old and...

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