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Thursday, Sep 20 2007 - the truth we live with

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are easier
than others
not rocket science,
just a fact of life

we start every day
with high hopes
and anticipation
and expectation
that this day
will be a good day
full of happiness
and laughter
and love
nothing can
get in your way
no not today

but then
things happen
you run late
you feel stressed
by the things you do
and the things
you can't get to do
and the people
who stand in your way
because they
have their own worries
to tend to
why should
they think about you?

so we go about
our busy days
trying to stay positive
trying to accomplish
the mile long list
of chores
and stores
and people to see
and we get so tired
and so
the bad choices
creep in
because the bad ones
are the easier ones
to make
eat on the run
no work out today
who has the time
to do things right
day after day

but i am not defeated
i am just tired
of trying to be perfect
because i am not
i am tired of working so hard
to move the needle
on the scale
and it creeps downward
so slowly
you know
when you just
want to scream?
why me?
god, why me?

it is a burden
i have born
my entire life
never quite
thin enough
never quite
athletic enough
never quite
healthy enough
to feel good enough
to accept
the way i was
to accept
just who i am
to be looked upon
to be looked at
with admiration
and desire

so day after day
i wake up
poised for success
tolerant of mistakes
fearful of a failure
that might set me back
completely back
to the dark place
where i don't see
a healthy me
where i don't feel
i can keep this up
and i wish it
would just all go away
it being the need
the desire
the sheer hunger
to be fit
and trim
and happy
with the body
that houses the soul
of a woman of power
and grace

every day
is not always
a good day
but it is the best day
i can give
to myself
when i stay positive
and think good thoughts
and wear the badge
of who i am
with honor
and take my breaths
deeply and decisivly
and walk my walk
with hands to the sky
accepting who i am
giving all i have
doing all i can
to be my own
and out

yes, today
may go
either way
but i will keep
my head held high
my thoughts only kind
my dreams only possible
and take the good
with the bad
it's the truth
we live with
and embrace
with open arms
to make it
through another day
and i will make it

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10 comments so far.


a decade ago

You so hit a note with this poem...."it is a burden
i have born
my entire life
never quite
thin enough
never quite
athletic enough
never quite
healthy enough
to feel good enough
to accept
the way i was
to accept
just who i am
to be looked upon
to be looked at
with admiration
and desire"

........I think that's so crucial in our journey - to look at ourselves with admiration and love. In spite of all we may do that's not perfect, to "keep my thoughts only kind....my dreams only possible....and take the good with the bad..." Thank you, Grace! :y:

by BUN201



a decade ago

You just described my month of Sept. It has been trying to bring me down and defeat me, and some days I have let it, but each day I dig in and try. We will win this Grace. WE WILL!!!!!!!




a decade ago

Just what I needed today! Thank you...this is absolutely perfect. I will hold my head high in the morning and no doubt think of this!




a decade ago

The goal is to start each day, do the best and not being defeated. You are a wonder and a blessing to know in cyberworld.




a decade ago

:hi: I'm glad to see you are back here writing. I wondered what happened. I think we all need a breather every now and then. Just don't stay away to long my friend as I miss you when you're gone. :) The knees are doing okay as long as I don't push to far. So I am doing what the doctor told me and only walking for 30 minutes a day. I sure hope you have a great evening. :)




a decade ago

Yes, same page different M.O. Have to renew every day.....That is where take one day at a time came from???????????????? Glad to see you writing again, but do understand the need for a breather.

by RSW



a decade ago

Hi Grace,
Thanks for your encouragement. I really needed it today. :heart1:



a decade ago

:love: it's been a while :kiss: hope you are doing well!




a decade ago

Grace what an awesome blog--I can ever so relate to this one for sure. Hope you have a good evening. Grace you are also one awesome person :kiss:




a decade ago

:wave1: Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog this morning...Yes we both miss our "Kitty"..I really got sad :cry2:when J.J. went out in the back patio looking for her..he sniffed around all over and turned and looked at me like...where is she:huh:....Hope you are having a good day....:)