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Monday, Oct 1 2007 - wine and roses, i mean pumpkins

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the trip out to the north fork of long island was not only much needed but enjoyable beyond my expectations. the weather was gorgeous, the company inviting and the wine (and champagne) plentiful. i will admit that i didn't give much thought to calorie king or trying to lose weight and i just relaxed and enjoyed myself. i realized that my quest for better health and weight loss has consumed me for the past 5 months. on top of everything else that i worry about each day, trying to lose weight had become my 24/7 job and i wasn't giving myself a break. and so i took a couple of days off. completely and without guilt i enjoyed myself, rejuvenating myself for the next few months back on the journey.

now one could argue that if you look at this as a lifestyle you don't need a break, because what you are doing is simply what you should be doing and it shouldn't be difficult to maintain over the long haul. but the idea that someone could follow any regimen day in and day out without room for error or escape from that very routine is ludicrous. we all need a chance to just kick back and do whatever it is we want to do, eat whatever it is we want to eat and know that it's ok. up until this weekend, whenever i went of course, i just beat myself up and let the doubts creep into my thoughts --making me weak and vulnerable. i finally realized that believing i can't do this and i will never lose weight only become the self-fulfilling prophesy of yo-yo dieting. and i have been doing that all my life.

this weekend i just allowed myself to relax and enjoy everything without guilt and guess what happened? i ate things i have avoided for 5 months, but i did not eat everything in sight. i ate and drank more than i have in a long time but i did not binge. i probably won't lose weight this week, but i did not wake up this morning and say i ruined my progress so i'll just give up. instead, i just got back on the right track. i am feeling really motivated instead of de-motivated by my actions. it is very liberating to know that i can go off course and be ok. intellectually i think i always knew that it was possible and i have often talked the talk. but emotionally i didn't allow myself to believe that i could do it and survive. i talked about trusting the process when all along i didn't trust me. gosh, the journey is just full of revelations if we allow ourselves to be human instead of expecting ourselves to be perfect.

i also realized i was very angered by something that someone posted in one of the general forums. this person is one of the most vocal people on the forums who makes it difficult for other people to get a word in edgewise - or at least feel that their opinions have merit. she is one of the reasons why I stopped posting frequently in the general forums. here is what she posted:

See, everyone thinks losing weight is hard. Nope, losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is hard. That's where 95% of all people who try to lose fail. It's alot of hard work to be healthy.

i was so floored by these words! she insulted every single one of us who struggle with the weight loss process and haven't made it to the maintenance phase. i was so livid. losing weight is by far the hardest thing i have ever done and when i get to the weight i want to be at i know i will have to continue to work hard. easy to lose weight? those words cut me to the core.

i realized that this is a person who hasn't really struggled with weight her entire life because such a person would never have made such a statement. i just hope people realize that what she says is not always gospel. but since everyone is entitled to their opinions she can type whatever she want to type. Thankfully, everyone is also entitled to choose to whom they listen. :)

now back to the wonderful vineyards on long island. in 1996 there were 16 vineyards on long island. that number has increased to almost 50, with the majority located on the north fork. if you ever get a chance to travel out that way i highly recommend it, especially this time of year. besides the vineyards, most of which welcome picnics and offer tastings and tours there are fairs, farm stands, festivals, pick your own pumpkins/apples fields and corn mazes. there are 11 villages each with thier own charm and main street shopping districts. you could easily spend 2 to 3 days exploring.

although we set up camp at one winery for most of the day, we visited 3 other wineries before we headed back for the day. we spent the majority of the day picnicing at pugliese vineyards in cutchogue. they have a lovely grassy area near a natural pond. we brought along a table cloth, table decorations and real glasses for their lovely champagne. we had a wonderful food assortment including cold salmon, sliced london broil, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, nuts, pasta salad, arthur ave. italian bread, fresh fruit, rugalach and canolis. the sun was shining brightly, but a slight wind kept the bees away and the temperature inviting. as the crowds passed through the day, we were the envy of everyone and their plastic cups. just goes to show you what a little planning can do.

after 3 hours we packed up camp and headed further west to a small vineyard called the old field in southold. this small family run vineyard has a spectacular location right on gardiner's bay. though the tasting room is small the hospitality is big and welcoming. the chicken and roosters roaming about added immensely to the utter charm of this lovely place. we tasted several whites and reds. i eventually settling upon the 2001 merlot and the 2003 cabernet franc for purchase.

next we headed to the castello di borghese/hargrave vineyard back in cutchogue. this is the winery that started it all. in 1973 louisa and alex hargrave founded hargrave vineyard and created a new industry on long island. eventually these pioneers decided to move on to other activities and in 1999 ann marie and marco borghese purchased the vineyard. this is one of the larger vineyards on the north fork with a wider wine selection to sample. here some of us sampled 7 wines. i was one of them...:) gosh it was so much fun. i wound up purchasing 2 more bottles to add to my collection -- a lovely 2005 chardonnay and a 2001 cabernet sauvignon. though i prefer reds, this chardonnay was really delightful and i can't wait to enjoy it with a piece of grilled salmon.

our final and perhaps most spectacular stop was in mattituck at the macari vineyard. because it was late in the afternoon we missed the tastings, but we were able to purchase a few bottles and sit on their deck to enjoy the wine and the view. and what a view. the deck overlooks the vineyard which fills the vista for as far as the eyes can see. we could have been sitting in bordeaux, france or somewhere in the napa valley. it was simply breathtaking and the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

i am already making plans for another trip out there in november, this time with ralph and a few other friends. i enjoyed myself that much and just can't wait to do it again.

oh to be so enthusiastic about everything in life. i am sorry to bore you with such a lavish accounting of my day at the vineyards. i just don't know any other way to tell a story than with gusto and joie de vivre. i want to get that feeling back into my life every day. this was a good start.

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a decade ago

My typing needs improvement :help:- but I hope you get the drift!




a decade ago

Hey, Grace!:hi: What fun! :rolling1: Arthur Avenue makes me salivate along with all the other descriptions of food and wine and scenery. We used to love to go to Arthur Avenue and vineyards! :clap:
Some people cannot feel empathy for the difficulty many over weight people have. Don't bother putting much emphasis on those blogs. :nono2: Don't let them get you down either.:nono5: Look for inspiration and motivation instead. Keep that pretty face smiling and keep up the good work. :thumbu2: We are all here to learn and adapt to new better and habits that will improve our lives and help a few others on the journey if we can.:teeth1: So be kind to yourslef and keep smiling!:P




a decade ago

Ah, I am so glad you had a good time. :kiss: Grace, you may not know this, but my daughter and I (and others here on CK) have a once a week "break" from the "lifestyle"....who could go forever without Ben and Jerry's, or a thick pizza with extra cheese, etc., etc. It's part of the Body for Life program. It's usually on Sundays for us, but if there's something special, we make it another day... for example on Thanksgiving week we'll forgo the Sunday "break" and leave it for Thursday. The idea is not to binge, but to have those things you've wanted all week. For me, that is part of my "healthy lifestyle" change ~~~ As for the poster here on CK ~~~ I didn't see the post, but that losing weight is easy is ridiculous. I can guess at a couple of people it might be. One of the people I'm thinking of told my daughter one time she was "surprised" that she would allow artificial foods into her healthy lifestyle. Eggbeaters!??? ~~~ You know there are people like that everywhere, so CK should be no exception. It's just harder to talk to others with them around! In the "real" world you could avoid them! :eyebrows: Your day sound wonderful! :queen:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Wow! :kiss: Thanks for the trip to the vineyards! (I feel like I was on the trip with you.) And :clap: on the much DESERVED week-end "off". You're doing amazing work, Grace! (I have a hard time ignoring some of those posts too.) :angry1: But, those folks will never understand. Have a great week. :thumbu2:




a decade ago

Sounds wonderful (and delicious)! Glad you had a good time...and those grapes look fabulous. Sorry you were offended by that post. Having a life long struggle with losing AND maintaining I agree with you it is the most difficult thing I deal with on a daily basis. I've always thought that if I could control my weight (at the low end of course LOL) life would be perfect. I guess we're not entitled to perfection. HAHA Have a wonderful day. Sue




a decade ago

Sounds like a most wonderful, relaxing, break! Glad you enjoyed! :love:




a decade ago

Wine and a view-sounds so romanitc and relaxing!!! I'm glad you had such a nice time! :)




a decade ago

:clap: Good show. It must be something atavistic, but I love a descriptive story telling. I saw the grapes, chickens, water, tasted the wine and the Arthur Avenue bread and felt the haze of intoxication...............................................:thumbu2:

by RSW



a decade ago

:hi: It sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad, you deserved it. I think we both need to quit:bang: just because we didn't do everything right. I know I strive for perfection, even though I know it's just not humanly possible. I need to quit that. :D I hope you are having a great day. :)




a decade ago

:kiss:What an awesome trip! Sounds like you had a great time--good for you---you deserved a break!:)




a decade ago

:wave1: I am so happy you had a wonderful time this weekend...:clap:.You really really needed it...I am so glad that you are not :bang: for having a great time....I bet you now have a much different outlook....and you are more relaxed...Have a good rest of your Monday...:)