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Wednesday, Oct 17 2007 - the gift you really are

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every move we make
so often seems planned
like a game of chess
where will we really land?

we think we know
but we don't often do
the game is chance
the player is you

or all of us
who face each day
doing all we can
watching what we say

and what we do
stay fit and strong
can't make a mistake
don't want to be wrong

all games have rules
but the rules aren't clear
life without instructions
when will we get there?

get where, you ask
well i am not quite sure
i just peak through all windows
and open all doors

but still I am not clear
on the truth or the lies
and no one will answer
when i question just why

so i take my chances
and a spin at the wheel
i roll out the dice
is it luck i will feel?

because nothing is certain
for you or for me
our paths are not charted
and it's so hard to see

what tomorrow will bring
if we make this choice or that
so we move on instinct
and push our fears back

to get through each day
and play the game fair
walking with gusto
and letting down our hair

to know the outcome
oh that might be so sweet
but that little mystery
keeps the fire in my feet

so i look past the horizon
and close my eyes to see
a race at the finish line
and the winner is me

for no matter what i do
i will continue to play
it's one life i am given
and i will live it my way

so that means with passion
and joy every day
it means rules to be broken
and some to obey

but it's not a game
and a pawn i won't be
but i do have a plan
and only i can see

just where i am going
well, i can't really say
i'll know when i get there
and i'll get there my way

i stand on solid ground
i am poised to see this through
a truth that i will live by
i give my word to you

so imagine you are a symphony
all you have to do is try
imagine the gift you really are
and i promise you will fly

note: sometimes when i start my blogs i don't have any idea where the poem/prose will go and sometimes i know exactly what i want to say from the first line. even if i know what i want to say they often need time to gel. if they don't make sense right away (which many of them don't) i stop writing and come back to it later in the day. that's why i don't always post in the morning. sometimes i can change a few words and the piece feels complete to me. sometimes they never feel just right, but i post them anyway. i am not quite sure how i got from the beginning to the end with this one but i think it works. what i hope comes through is that we all can be all we want to be if we believe in ourselves. all we have to do is play right and play hard and the world is ours.

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a decade ago

I love to fly!:kiss:




a decade ago

I will be flying again soon. :clap: :clap: I love your blogs they are always written from the heart. I hope you are having a good Thursday! :)




a decade ago

Beautiful. ....getting my wings here. :love: Nothing is certain in life, for sure. The only thing we control is ourselves. Great truths. I love the last lines "So imagine you are a symphony
all you have to do is try
imagine the gift you really are
and I promise you will fly" I was crying when I read this to my daughter Caroline. She was very touched by it.... thank you. :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago





a decade ago

always thought-provoking....:love:




a decade ago

Great blog today Grace. You are a winner in my book:) Have a wonderful day;)




a decade ago

I am flying :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::love:

by RSW