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Saturday, Oct 20 2007 - please, my autumn

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it feels like july
on this hot autumn day
it's confusing my brain
it shouldn't feel this way

i have enough bad hair
on hot august nights
you should see it today
it is just not right

the leaves haven't turned
they're confused too
with weather like this
they don't know what to do

instead of apple cider
i am making iced tea
and feeling so clammy
i hate humidity!

i shouldn't complain
the cold will be here soon
and then i'll be praying
for the warm sun of june

but it is just not right
to feel such a hot sun
when you're picking pumpkins
it takes away most of the fun

the corn maze is buggy
no jumping in leaves
give me a lemondade
here comes some more bees!

away to the mountains
crisp breezes i might find
a blanket to sleep with
the soft and cuddly kind

i hate this weather
yes i really do
i am 53 not 23
know what i am going through?

personal taste perhaps,
but i think something more
it's october my friends
that's what autumn's for

not sunbathing and bbqs
and fighting traffic to the beach
not watermelon and ice cream
or a juicy ripe peach

no it's time for cinnamon
and cider donuts too
fresh apple pie and
and a chestnut or two

please my autumn
come show your cool face
summer heat be gone
to another time and place

more records broken
next week they say
this is crazy, i tell you
75 on tuesday!

(Ralph is rushing me to go out...sooo I may add a verse or two later. For now, enjoy the day (I am too hot to enjoy it..lol ) :love:

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a decade ago

It is cold here. It will only be 50 today. I have no idea where this cold front blew in from- Artic! I am not ready for cold cold cold .:cross2:




a decade ago

It's the same here in Texas very warm and today is in the high 80's I am so ready for cooler weather! Hope you have a nice day on Sunday Grace!:):heart2: Love your blogs!




a decade ago

:hi: It's warm here, too. Like you I'm tired of it and ready for some cool Autumn weather. I'm sure it won't be long and I'll be complaining it's to cold. :teeth2: I hope you had a great Saturday!




a decade ago

It got over 85 here today! Unbelievable - but last night it got down to 45 or 50 and we did the haunted hayride and the corn maize with the kids (my daughter braved the haunted house with her dad) - it felt like fall.




a decade ago

:wave1: Crazy weather all over the country.....It is windy here today....But the temps are just about normal for this time of year...Have a wonderful rest of your day and I hope it cools off for you...:)