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Sunday, Oct 21 2007 - hyde park, ny

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yesterday we took a drive up to hyde park, new york. it's the home of the culinary institute of america, several historical mansions on the hudson river and the wonderful eveready diner. while we went to see the mansions, the highlight of course was the diner...:)

we didn't get on the road until after 2:00 pm and there was a lot of traffic (lots of leaf peepers!) so by the time we got to fdr's home it was almost 3:45 pm. we signed up for the 4:30 home tour and headed to the museum and library before the start of our tour. it is the first presidential library and the only one to actually be used by a sitting president. you can use the tickets to tour the museum and library over two days but we knew we didn't have that much time before the house tour and knew we wouldn't get back there today so we raced through. when we got back to the main entrance to meet the tour there were 150 people set to go on the tour. Our guide spoke quickly because she wanted us to get through the house before dark. it was .25 mile walk to the house (with a few stops along the way) and only 25 people were allowed in the house at one time. i told ralph that it was crazy to have to race through everything like that. because the group was so big we would have to do a lot of standing around before we even got into the house and i did not want to have to rush through the rooms. we decided to turn in our tickets and try again for another day. so we were able to get our tickets extended for 2 weeks and we're planning another trip up there on november 2nd. it’s just about a 90 minute drive so it’s not that bad, but we'll leave earlier in the day for sure. hopefully we'll have time for some of the other sites in hyde park; eleanor roosevelt's cottage val-kill, top cottage (fdr's retreat from the main house) and the vanderbilt mansion located just down the road from fdr's home.

what makes the 2 largest homes most appealing is there locations on the hudson river; spectacular views with each season bringing its own splendor to the landscape. i am particularly fond of the fall foliage. while the weather hasn't been conducive to the best autumnal colors this year, the grounds were still enjoyable. thankfully the temperature dropped a bit as we headed north so i was able to happily walk the grounds without nasty humidity making me crazy!!!

we hadn’t planned ahead so we didn't have reservations at any of the culinary institute restaurants (you need to plan several weeks ahead to get reservations to one of the 5 restaurants on the campus) so we headed for the eveready diner! for those of you who have been reading my blog since the early days, the eveready was the scene of the infamous "wag" which inspired my blog entry on Sunday, June 10th, 2007. I can't believe that was over 4 months ago. this visit was much different. i ate what i wanted to eat and i didn't feel guilty. i just moved on to today. oh and the eveready was recently featured on the food network diners, drive-ins and dives. this is classic diner with a gourmet spin. the food is excellent with big portions and big crowds too so don't go during peak dining hours. we got there around 4:45 pm and the dinner crowd was already growing. by the time we left at 6:00 pm there was a line out the door. if you select carefully they have many ck friendly selections especially from the seafood section. of course if you are not feeling careful...:)

after dinner we drove down to the waterfront in poughkeepsie, ny. it's the largest city in dutchess county. there is an ongoing effort to clean up the waterfront and bring in new business. i don't know what it looked like before, but we liked what we saw and were able to walk along the riverbank in comfort and without crowds.

my husband and i love being together. in many ways we are each other's best friend. it was a challenge to bring together 2 middle-aged lives so set in their ways, but we did it with a few bumps in the road but thankfully with relative ease. ultimately i think meeting later in life lends its own special magic to our relationship. even though we are both in our 50s we still like to walk hand in hand or with our arms around each other. we love to giggle and i often feel like we are 20 years younger than we really are. some people might say we behave that way too..:)

sometimes we talk about what ifs like what if we had met 25 years ago or 30 years ago and we make up stories about how many kids we might have, who we would still know and who we wouldn't know etc. we don't do it to be remorseful or sad, we just do it to have fun. we always wind up laughing, because i get very specific about our kids' names and ages. of course they change every time and i make up outrageous names for our non-existent children just to make him smile. so while we were sitting on a bench, watching a conrail freight train pass across the river in the halo of a fast setting sun, we reminisced about what might have been but still very happy with our live together just the way it is. it was a peaceful ending to a lovely day.

now it is sunday. ralph just left for trader joe's for me ( he'll stop at the driving range for sure...lol) and i am happy writing my blog and planning a healthy week of food and fitness. here's to the good life. i wish you all the same...:)

Photo: FDR's Hyde Park Home -- Springwood

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a decade ago

I love Hyde Park too. The culinary is so much fun. Sometimes they have cancellations and you can get into one of the many splendid restaurants. I love the ice sculptures they do in the winter. The best days are the days that we spend quality time with our loved ones. I cannot agree with you more! May we all have many many more and be able to share them with each other. Say hello to Ralph from us. WE had an excellent and fun game of golf on Saturday before it got too cold here. I think of your funny stories when I play! Have a great week!:kiss:




a decade ago

I know the spots that you visited..it was like being there again. David and I spent the day at home organizing...dead tired, but we had a very good time. :inlove1: the weather was so beautiful and the air is so fresh.... I am so happy for you relationship...it is not quantity it is quality and the 2 of you have that.:love:

by RSW



a decade ago

Thank you for sharing your trip.... What a wonderful couple you are and I am so happy that you found each other. :love: Thank you for your input in my blog....I put it out there because I really wanted other opinions. :kiss:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Oh Grace you and Ralph are one awesome couple--I hope to have that some day!:love: Have a good week of food and fitness:)




a decade ago

:hi: this is a beautiful story. I'm so glad that you and Ralph found one another. I hope you had a great Sunday!




a decade ago

I love reading about you and Ralph. :inlove1: Make me happy for you! :love:




a decade ago

:love: that you & Ralph found each other. Sounds like you had a great day. My hubby & I look forward to the days when we can just go for the day - just the two of us again.