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one m&m

Tuesday, October 16th 2007

why me? i often
hear myself say
why does my size
have to be this way

why can't i be
like the skinny ones
wearing a size 2 with
a waist like my thumb?

able to wear
those 4 inch heels
and go through the day
while skipping 2 meals?

oh and lets not forget
when they're feeling blue
to the chocoalte they say
hmm one m&m or two?

oh please forgive my
silly jealous rage
it's a moment of madness
a temporary phase

when i just can't take
their bli...

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my secret

Monday, October 15th 2007

today is exactly 6 months since i started my weight loss journey. to date, i have lost 33 pounds. at first glance that seems like i have barely moved the needle considering how far i have to go. but then i did some calculating. my weeky weight loss average is 1.25 pounds. it's on the low side of the optimal weight loss rate of 1 to 2 pounds a week, but it is still more than 1 pound per week. that is great news for me. in the past i was able to loss faster, averaging over 2 pounds a week. ...

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going the distance

Sunday, October 14th 2007

measured in pounds
in inches
in breathes
less labored
today than yesterday

measured in
new clothes
longer walks
a staircase
no longer
a mountain
to climb

found in
a treat
not eaten
or perhaps
eaten just a bit
and you
feel proud
because you
can do something
you never thought
you could

with your head
held high
and a strut
in your stuff
you feel great
and look better
than y...

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the sad little ghost

Saturday, October 13th 2007

i love my life
and the people i know
i love to laugh
bring joy where i go

i tell the truth
and speak my mind
i share my thoughts
but never unkind

i walk in the sunshine
i frolic in the rain
i'll make snow angels
this winter again

but as much as i love
i don't often get back
especially my family
and the feelings they lack

dysfunction has damaged
us all to the core
i stopped expecting much
and don't ask any more

for friendship among siblings

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a lesson learned

Friday, October 12th 2007

i learn this lesson
every day
there will always be dissent
no matter what you say

there will always be someone
who things they know best
who preaches and thinks
they're smarter than the rest

when it comes to weight loss
the secret is out
i know better than you
the expert, no doubt

ha, i say
to all those who try
to stand on their soapbox
and shout out their lies

you don't know better
and you don't know more
you don't walk in my shoes
or stand at m...

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