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Monday, Nov 5 2007 - the holiday season

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my house
is a mess
filled with boxes
of clothes
in all different sizes
some to wear
some to give away
too big
too small
too many
i just have
to let go
today i start

i don't know why
i hold on to
so many clothes
every closet
the attic
upon boxes
filled with surprises
i bought that?
i don't even remember
it went right into a bin
from the moment
i brought it home
bought on impulse
without trying it on
knowing it wouldn't fit
completely aware
but really

the holiday season
is here
to mess us up
if we let it
but i won't let it
or at least
i will try
because that's the best
i can do
so i made a pledge
and shared it
with the century club
now i share it with you

"I will survive this holiday season.
I will remain as conscious
as possible of everything that I eat
and I will try my best
to stick to my work out regimen.
I will enjoy myself and
be happy that I am healtheir
this hoilday season than
I was last holiday season.
I will be here for my CC buddies
who struggle with weight loss just like me.
I will accept that I am not perfect,
but always strive
to be the best person I can be.
I intend not to gain weight
and hopefully will continue
to lose during the coming months
because I know I am strong
and deserve great success
on my weight loss journey.
But if I do happen to fall off course
for a meal or two
I will not use that
as an excuse to continue to falter.
I will do what I know I am capable of doing.
I will pick myself up,
dust myself off,
say happy holidays to all and move on."

it's a good pledge
better than the demand
posted in the member forum
someone needed his own
wake up call
so he put his problem
on our shoulders
and tried to disguise it
as a helping hand
it wasn't even close
and i wasn't fooled
but others took the bait
too bad
a wolf in sheep's clothing
marauding through calorie king

my instant dislike kicked in
as soon as i read something
posted by this person
and well
it's only grown
and it's been months
ok...i give up..
my bad too
don't mean to be mean
so i won't be

have a great day

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6 comments so far.


a decade ago

I pledged to do the best I can. :thumbu2: I believe that planning will be my savior. I will send everyone home with their fattening desserts and big doggie bags. I will throw away the foods that are bad for me and too tempting even if others complain. :teeth2: Sometimes I can chocolate and sweets around me without a thought and other times they call to me like a sickness.:afraid4: Good luck to everyone and have a smile while you are being mindful!:frog:




a decade ago

It is enough to carry your own bricks without being the mule for someone who is too lazy to put in a sincere effort. I am in the "throes of Clothes 2". It is a very good sign. Have a good day.:kiss:

by RSW



a decade ago

I'm going to have to go check out the post. :evil: I understand completely what you're saying and believe those are realistic expectations. I went through a holiday season having just started a diet and lost well, so I know it can be done....but it was very hard and I allowed myself no room for failure, so when I did...which we all do....I beat myself up about it and never did get back on track again. :bang: :help: That's not good either. This has to be a lifestyle change...something we can live with and do. :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

:hi: I love the pledge, it's a good one. I know you will do very well though the holiday season! I hope you are having a great Monday! :)




a decade ago

:wave1: I hope you are having a good day...:)




a decade ago

That's a great pledge Grace--you can do it I have faith in you!:heart2: Have fun cleaning out your bins;)