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Tuesday, Nov 13 2007 - that's just the way it is

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there is a haze
all around
and i can't see
where i am going
right now
it's a big cloud
the kind you
can't wish away

love and hate
the holidays
good and bad
come flooding back
every year
bringing the clouds
bringing the fear
that this christmas
won't be currier and ives
but none of them ever are
and so i get sad

i've been distracted
a new job
phone calls
all take me out of my groove
with a blink of an eye
and i let it happen
every time

no time
it seems
to do what i should do
not just
what i want to do
which i do
all the time
does that make sense
it does
to me

i spent time
with friends
this weekend
we drank
i drank
and laughed
and had fun
in the mountains
i need that
every once in awhile
not just want it
and that's ok too

it was like winter
not fall though
very cold
with snow on the ground
and in the mountains
a beautiful sight
we were happy at night
i tried

and craft people
a time warp
another haze
a purple haze
and what are
we fighting for
oh i don't give a damn
really, i don't

losing weight?
not this week
or at least the weekend
because i didn't try
remember the haze
it was there
so i couldn't see
what i was eating
yes, that's what happened
sounds good anyway

i don't feel inspired
or inspirational
that's just the way it is

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