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tis the season

Sunday, December 23rd 2007

we are in hectic mode
i know i am
getting ready
working hard
enjoying every crazy minute
tis the season

headed to stew leonard's
this morning
if you live in the ny and ct area
you know all about
what a stew leonard's is
a food mecca
with fresh produce and meats
and seafood
and breads
and prepared foods
layed out like a maze
in one way
out the other
amazing, simply amazing
a spectacle,
and crowded
more than you can imagine

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the 2 sides of ck

Thursday, December 20th 2007

yesterday, i tried to catch up with some reading on ck and i quickly stumbled upon the 2 sides of ck. the good side was in my inbox. i received several emails thanking me for, well thanking me for just being here. apparently, karen (archimedes) suggested we send PMs to the folks on ck who have inspired (helped, been there, etc.) us in anyway. i was pleasantly surprised by my in box and thanks to all who wrote to me. what a wonderful suggestion from karen. i have a few pms to send out over th...

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it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Wednesday, December 19th 2007

i admit it. i love to bake and i love to cook especially around the holidays. i enjoy making pretty packages of cookies and sharing them with friends and family. i collect recipes and love when i find a real gem among the thousands that i collect. i get so caught up in the process that i often don't have time to eat. sometimes instead of gaining weight i manage to stay the same through the holidays in spite of all the baked goods instead of because of them. i think this year is one of those...

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Monday, December 17th 2007

that's what it feels like
this time of year
all the hustle and bustle
we just want to get through it
not completely off track
but enjoying life
just the same

keeping busy
doing all the things
we always do
this time of year
writing cards,
about christmasses gone by
and the joy we remember
forgetting any dreams
that maybe didn't come true
because we survive
yes, that's what we do
and in th...

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to everything there is a season

Friday, December 7th 2007

i am down the 3 pounds i gained during the past few weeks so i feel like i am back on track. my eye infection is healing as expected and i am feeling positive about the future. we saw "enchanted" yesterday. ralph is a good guy and went to see the movie with me. it was a wonderfully entertaining movie and most enjoyable..ralph loved it too. i recommend it even if you don't have children. makes you believe in happily ever afters...

it is pearl harbor day. we often forget this da...

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