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as time goes by

Thursday, February 28th 2008

as time goes by, i realize just what you mean to me...

there are so many wonderful people here and i miss you all! to those of you who missed me too :) i am working my way back to a regular routine again. i am not there yet, but i am trying.

my healthy lifestyle has slipped away so easily. it's been months since i have worked out or eaten anywhere remotely within my calorie range. i am afraid (completely and totally afraid) to weigh myself. truthfully, i don't need the scale to t...

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Wednesday, February 13th 2008

I have not been much of a "Calorie Queen" for several weeks. When I am not doing well, I tend to withdraw. It's the same thing as paying for WW meetings and then not showing up. Instead I don't come to the Calorie King website and get a healthy dose of all you wonderful folks. Speaking of which, "What it is this "Friends" list? Thank you to all my friends who are counting me in on their list...Eventually I will figure out what it is all about.

Meanwhile, thank you t...

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