WILLLOSEIT's May 2009 CalorieKing Blog

holding my own

Wednesday, May 13th 2009

let me preface today's blog with the following statement:

this is not a complaint. i love my dad and loved my mom. i do (and did) what i have to do willing and with love. but a vent every now and then is healthy and good for the soul. so today, i vent.

you haven't lived until you have changed your mom's diaper or cleaned your dad's dentures. in a strange way it is one of life's treasures to feed your parent, help them out of bed, clean them up and get them dressed. but today i a...

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food, glorious food

Tuesday, May 12th 2009

the last thing
i want to be doing
is watching
every little bit of food
that i eat
or even think about eating!
it consumes me some days
but i have to do it
i will consume it
whatever it may be

some foods
don't have to fret
there isn't a brussel sprout:huh:
in the world
that can tempt me
and don't worry, curry:nono2:
you are saved for the day
um, well forever
because you are not
a devil (or delight)
to me

i can walk by spam
(i am not a fan)
and bl...

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it MAY not have been good yesterday

Monday, May 11th 2009

there is a great big cake
missing 2 slices;
2 big slices!
no one came looking for them,
no one will miss them.
but just in case,
oh i know where they are...:laugh5:

there is a box of flying saucers;
ice cream sandwiches
to all those who don't know
the carvel ice cream chain.
it's missing 2,
but it could have easily been 3
but i used restraint;
after all
i had to leave 1 in the box:clap:

there is a box of cashews;
half- eaten.
at least they were unsalted!

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A day without a mom

Sunday, May 10th 2009

this is my first mother's day
without a mom.
it feels more awkward than sad,
but still it is sad.

since i am not a mom,
i have nothing to celebrate today.
i didn't have anyone to buy a card for
or send flowers to.
i didn't have anyone to call
without bursting into tears
because they would know
exactly how i felt,
and i didn't want to make anyone sad today
especially the moms i know.

the sun is shining and it is a glorious day
on paper
because i am no...

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Wednesday, May 6th 2009

kirstie alley
fell off the wagon
in front of the whole world.
oprah winfrey
fell off the wagon
last year,
5 years ago
and a dozen times
before that.
sound familiar?

are people too.
no different
than me
no different
than you.
they may have chefs;
they may have trainers;
they may have resources
that we can only dream of.
but in the end,
where the buck stops;
is what's eating them
and not what they eat
that does them in

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