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Wednesday, Jun 30 2010 - giving grace

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i am thankful
for the beauty
in my day
the scent of
the honeysuckle
the buzz
of the bee

i am grateful
for the smile
on my face
the bliss
of my sleep
the company
i keep

i am joyful
for the set
of my mind
the strength
of my determination
the faith
of my soul

i am humbled
by the power
of my will
the journey
of my path
the vision
of my future
the night
at the end of my day

i am guided
by my believe
in goodness
the touch
of a gentle hand
the words
of those wiser
the heart
of those needing
the grace
that needs giving

i am thankful
for the gift
i have been given
the life
i have chosen
the steady
of my resolve
the hope
in my future
the love
in my life
the life
in my hand

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7 years ago

:hi: Absolutely beautiful! Hope you are having a great day. :love: