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Wednesday, Aug 11 2010 - back to the grind

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we are winding down our vacation after 2 weeks off glorious relaxation and fun. it's been a long time since i felt this relaxed - although ralph and i grappled a bit this morning over organizing and clean-up of the condo. guess who was on the neater side of that tussle? oh well, it is the story of almost every married couple's life, right? i just have to get used to it. maybe the next 10 years will bring him neatness. what do you think? i still love him and he loves me, so that's all that matters.

we were able to see 3 movies this week. inception - excellent, but we went to a 10:15 PM showing and i was tired. i fell asleep for about 30 minutes (sans snoring, thank goodness!). that is a rarity for me as i am usually the hold-out when it comes to falling asleep watching anything! we were out with our friends who were here for 9 days of the 2 weeks. i'll have to see the movie again. without falling asleep, it was a difficult movie to follow. you can imagine ho lost i was when the movie was over. visually, it was beautiful. the special effects were fantastic. i think leonardo dicaprio is becoming the new harrison ford/tom cruise. he's already done some fabulous character roles and action films and he is barely 36. the next movie we saw was the kids are alright - this was our favorite of the 3 movies. it was so incredibly cast and well acted. annette benning should get an academy award nomination for best actress. mark ruffalo is so under-rated. his performances are always so nuanced. he did not disappoint and of course julianne moore gave another fine performance. finally, we saw salt - a fine cast including angelina jolie and liev schrieber. there are several plot twists and the story is pretty fair-fetched (as espionage films go), but the acting and action scenes are relentless and good. it's fast- paced and there is never a dull moment in its just over 90 minute run time. worth seeing, in my opinion.

i am not avoiding the weight subject. i actually did well for most of the trip. i managed to lose 2.5 pounds despite a couple of days of less than stellar choices. i couldn't leave without a visit to andy's cheesesteak in shallotte, nc. i don't go for the cheesesteak, but for the custard. i was craving it so badly. ralph went on saturday and had 2 milkshakes (he paid for that later in the day). so last night, before the movie, we stopped-in and i had a small cup of custard. the flavor of the day was mint oreo so i am sure the calorie break down was a bit higher than vanilla, but it was well worth it. 4 ounces of delicious, heavenly bliss. i enjoyed every last spoonful, down to almost licking the bowl! but that was yesterday and today is a new day and week. i satisfied my craving, and now we leave the state -- we'll be savely tucked away - 600 miles north of andy's!

ok tie to finish tidying up the condo. we have a cleaning service that comes in, but i still like to put things back in order. i don't exactly clean, before they clean...but i do straighten up. otherwise i never know where things might wind up on our next visit.

everyone have a lovely day....

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7 years ago

:hi: congrats on the 2.5 pound loss while on vacation, that is awesome! Have a safe trip home. :)




7 years ago

Glad you are having such a nice relaxing vacation!!! Have a safe trip home!!!:) 2.5 pounds:thumbu2: