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Friday, Sep 3 2010 - cooking for everyone else

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i know it sounds counter productive, but i love to cook and it isn't always stuff that i should be eating. because ralph works nights we don't eat together most nights. i wish we could, but it is what it is. meanwhile, i love to cook in bulk - maybe 3 or 4 different meals in one day. i make a big mess, clean it up and then don't have to cook for several days. strategically, it works for me. when i am in a great frame of mind (which i am now), the goodies don't tempt me. i do make some of the staples i need too. there is always a container of grilled chicken in the fridge. that is my mainstay when i am eating well. this time of year a fresh tomato and vidalia onion salad is also always on hand. two tablespoons of a light balsamic dressing goes a long way on juicy tomatoes - especially if you leave the salad out at room temperature for awhile. it is so tasty.

between last night and today i grilled 1 1/2 pounds of salmon, 2 ham steaks, 8 lean pork chops, 1 dozen chicken breasts, 8 sliced and marinated eggplants, zucchini and yellow squash, battered and fried another 2 eggplants and 4 zucchinis. i am tired, but i don't plan on cooking anything for several days. everyone in this house should be very happy.

my dad is hilarious sometimes. he is diabetic, but has a strong sweet tooth. he loves his plain entenmann's (do you have entenmann's products in your area?) donuts and blueberry pie. and let's not mention his love of chocolate. he also loves fruit and has grapes, cherries, melons or peaches every day. his favorite fruits by far though are figs and prickly pears. The prickly pear comes from a cactus (opuntia) and generally, you don't find them in the supermarket. anyway, yesterday i stopped by this great fruit/veggie store and found both fresh figs and yes prickly pears! i bought a container of the figs and 3 prickly pears. i gave him 1 prickly pear and 5 of the figs (they were small) before dinner. he was a happy camper! later, he had another prickly pear after dinner. i went up to my room around 8:30 pm and beverly came up shortly after. this morning, my dad couldn't wait to tell me how "someone ate all the figs last night!" he was giggling like a little kid. beverly had given him the last prickly pear and later in the evening he moseyed out to the kitchen and finished the figs (about 10 more!!) :laugh5::laugh5::laugh5: I can picture him toting the container of figs on the seat of his rolling walker!! :clown1: and we wonder why i have food control issues....:bang::bang: but here is the irony. before he ate the figs his blood sugar tested @ 240. beverly gave him 15 units of lantus. this morning, after the figs and last prickly pear, his blood sugar tested @ 98....go figure....to him, that gives him license to eat anything, anytime. frankly at 88 1/2 years old, i am not going to stop him. let him eat cake and figs too....:laugh5: i will not deny him his pleasure and few vices. he is otherwise healthy, so that is all i care about. but he cracks us up all the time!

i am back on track personally. the damage i allowed others to do to my psyche 2 weeks ago is over - a thing of the past. i have to do a better job about dealing with the negative feelings i get when i am around certain people, the good news is i don't see these folks too often. the bad news is either does my dad, but that is the way it is. my dad will have to just thrive on the love and care ralph and i give him. i think it's a pretty healthy dose!!

i decided to sign up for swimming lessons. i can swim, but not well. it's really a good exercise though and i need to be better at it. ralph and i went to the local pool this week and swam laps. well, he swam. i looked like a flailing nut. :eyebrows: i just never learned how to properly breath and swim. it was exhausting, but i enjoyed my attempt. ralph "enjoyed" it too. :laugh5::laugh5: the local community college has a 12 week course starting in 2 weeks so i am going to sign up for it. i am excited for myself!

the pt on my neck is really working. i am not having as much trouble getting comfortable sleeping and it doesn't hurt during the day as before. i don't know if it will continually come and go. i guess arthritis is just something that happens to us ol' folk....the problem is i want to be 40 again!!:love:

it's time to clean up the kitchen. i took a break to log into ck and here i am an hour later. but i needed the break from cooking....and standing at the stove for 3 hours. so i am done writing for today. just like that!

wishing everyone a healthy and happy weekend. and if earl is in your neighborhood, be safe!!!:love::love:

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7 years ago

Your dad is funny - and I agree at 88 1/2 I would not try to change his habits. We do have entemann's here --- I definitely bypass those boxes -- deadly for me. I could easily eat a half a box of whatever.... they just go down too easy. The figs are very slow digesting, so that may be why his blood sugar was so good. He's so lucky to have you and Ralph. :love:
When I worked I used to fix my meals like that for the week - it made things easier especially working 10 hour shifts( ++++ sometimes).
Don't get discouraged with the swimming -- I think it's a very hard workout and easy on the joints. I enjoy it also.
What kind of course are you taking? --I loved going to school (could have been a full time student I decided). :)
Have you considered a tempurpedic bed? I have issues with numbness and tingling in my arms that is probably related to my neck and sleeping positions so a few months ago I got one of the ergonomic tempurpedic beds and it has helped a lot. It was scary when I was trying to paint and the brush was falling out of my hands!!! --even though it was expensive, they let me purchase it interest free over 4 years, so definitely worth it.

by BUN201



7 years ago

wow. can you come cook for me? all that sounds wonderful.

i used to cook on sunday and make what i needed for the week. over the summer, i got out of the habit. too freakin' hot to spend sunday in the kitchen. winter's approaching tho'. back to soups and chili and stew. mmmmm.




7 years ago

I cook like that too! Maybe not quite so much but I love to make about 3 days worth of meals at a time and have them in the frig.

My family is good about liking leftovers too and sounds like yours is too!





7 years ago

:thumbu2:WOW you did some major cooking there girl!! Hope you have a nice weekend!:heart2: