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Another update: In May, it will be 5 years since I originally joined CK in 2007. My goals haven't changed. I have floundered, but I am back with a hopeful vengeance. I want to succeed and know I can. One day at a time and one bite at a time I will move forward. I can't change where I have been, but I look back to know I don't want to be there again. I am Thomas the Tank and I think I can....hmmm...I know I can.

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The Road Taken

Wednesday, June 19th 2013

Wow, it has been one year since my last blog entry. Time flies when you are not losing weight and putting off decisions that should have been made years ago.

After much soul-searching and numerous efforts to lose all the weight I need to lose, I have decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. Apparently, I am very good at losing 30 pounds or so, but not very good at keeping it off or going the distance and losing more weight. I could set short-term goals, but never long-term. As much as I tho...

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The Road Not Taken

Wednesday, June 13th 2012

There is a limit to how much soul searching one person can do. I mean really, what the hell am I looking for? More reasons not to get my act together; More ways to toss and turn at night because I can’t get comfortable; More rationalization that my health really isn’t in jeopardy; More excuses to put off until tomorrow what I damn well know I have to do today?

Being on a diet, trying to change the way I eat and turning good food choices into my lifestyle has been a part of my life for ...

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The Greatest Love

Sunday, February 12th 2012

Like many people, I have been thinking about Whitney Houston today. While her fall from grace started a long time ago, I still feel saddened by the lose of such a wonderful voice. Gone is the possibilty of a comeback and renewed success. She tried a few years ago, but her voice wasn't what it used to be. I listened in horror as she struggled to hit the notes that once came so easily. Her poison was drug and alcohol and in the end it did take away her dignity. How did she get to such a place ...

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The View From The Fridge

Monday, February 6th 2012

At this moment in time, I am happy. I have somehow gotten my weight loss efforts back on track after a year of floundering. I feel energized and full of purpose. I don't cry every single day and have given up the pity party I repeated almost daily for way too long. I feel such relief now. For months I couldn't shake the feelings of complete failure and impossible goals. I feared for my future. Now I have confidence for success and realistic goals to strive for. Yes, I am happy.


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Sister Suffragette

Wednesday, October 27th 2010

Yesterday was a good day.:clap:

Today I am preparing for a little luncheon at our house tomorrow. 2 nieces, 1 nephew, 1 Sister-in-Law and one bambino (my adorable great nephew) are coming over for a visit with my dad. I am keeping the menu simple. I am making 3 quiches (easy ones) and a tossed salad with goat cheese. I'll grill some chicken so I will have a great choice.

I have Election Day overload. It is ugly out there. The rhetoric is so consuming. The mud is being flung lef...

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